Niels Bohr 10/07/1885-11/18/1962

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  • Bohrs beginning

    Niels Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark to a wealthy family. He had an older sister and a younger brother. His brother actually went on and became a famous football or soccer player and played for the Danish national team. His sister became a teacher. In 1905 he began studying physics, astronomy, mathematics and philosophy. Just 2 years later, he won a gold medal in a competition for finding a method to measure surface tension.
  • Niels Bohr and Margrethe Nørlund

    Niels and Margrethe met and fell in love. In 1912 they got married in the town hall at Slagelse in Zealand, Denmark. They went on to have 6 children. All of them being boys. Sadly, they lost two of the kids, one to a tragic boat accident and one to meningitis. However, the rest of them went on to be very successful in a variety of fields. Such as; philosophy, engineering, physics and one was even an Olympic athlete.
  • Academic Breakthrough

    In 1912, he took Darwin's paper of the role of electrons. He made advancements in the theory of electrons that travel in orbits. At the time orbits in atoms were not new, however, he presented the idea that electrons could possibly drop from orbits onto other ones and in this process they emit a quantum of discrete energy. Becoming what is knows as old quantum theory.
  • Niels Ending

    On November 18, 1962 Bohr passed away due to heart failure. He died in his home in Carlsberg but was cremated and buried at the Assistens Cemetery, in his family plot. Then, on October 7, 1965 they renamed the Institute for Theoretical Physics to the Niels Bohr Institute in his memory.