Nicolo Paganini

By AbbyW98
  • Paganini is born

    Paganini is born
    Nicolo Paganini is born in Genoa, Italy. He is the 3rd of six children
  • Works in the court

    Works in the court
    Paganini plays the violin at the court of Princess Elisa Baciocchi, sister of Napoleon Bonaparte in Lucca, Italy. It is siad that he had an affair with her.
  • Paganini stops practicing

    Paganini stops practicing
    Paganini rarely practices the violin after his 30th birthday. It is unknown how he contimued to play
  • Debut recital

    Debut recital
    Paganini's debut recital at age 32 in La Scala, Milan.
  • 24 Caprices

    24 Caprices
    Paganini publishes his 24 Caprices, 24 infamously difficlult pieces of music.
  • Given Guarnerius violin

    Given Guarnerius violin
    After pawning his violin to pay a gambling debt, he is given a Guarnerius violin by a genoan merchant. Paganini uses this violin until his death 20 years later.
  • Paganini's so in born

    Paganini's so in born
    Fathers a son with singer Anotnia Bianchi, Cyrus Alexander
  • Begins first foreign tour

    Begins first foreign tour
    Paganini embarks on his first international tour, beginning in Vienna.
  • Attempts to start a casino

    Attempts to start a casino
    Attempts to open a gambling casio=no in Paris, France. He is unsucessful.
  • Paganini dies

    Paganini dies in Nice, France on May 27, 1840. He never married and did not live with his son.