Nick vujicic1

Nick Vujicic

  • Nick Vujic was born

    Nick Vujicic was born on the 4th of December 1982
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    Nick Vujic's Timeline

  • Nick tried to Drown himself

    In 1992 Nick tried to drown himself because he was getting bullied and he realised he was different to evryone else.
  • Nick Graduated From Griffith University

    In 2003 Nick graduated from Griffith University.
  • ''Life Without Limbs'' Book Was Published

    Nick's book, 'Life Without Limbs' was Published
  • Nick was in a shortt film

    in 2010 Nick was in a short film called "The Butterfly Circus"
  • Nick got Married

    Nick got married on the 12th of February 2012. His wifes name is Kanae.