Nick Vujicic

  • Birth

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    The Life Of Nick Vujicic

  • Electronic Limbs

    At age 7 Nick tried to use electronic limbs tofit in withhis peers at school after a childhood of bullying. It did not work as he still did not fit in and they were too heavy for him and geatly affected his mobility in a negative way.
  • Cotemplating Suicide

    At the age of 8 Nick contemplated suicide as the bullying and the fact that he was different from everyone else was becoming too much.
  • Attempted Suicide

    At the age of 10 Nick attempted suicide in the bath but luckily the love for his parents prevented the suicide.
  • Turning Point

    At the age of 13 his mother showed him a new article on a man with several disabilities who dealt with the problem. After this he was able to master all daily tasks including brushing, writing, typing,etc.
  • Nominee

    At the age of 23 Nick was nominated for the Young Australian of the Year Award.
  • Life Without Limbs

    At the age of 25 he started his own Non-Profit Organisation in the United States and is currently the president.