Neville Bonner

Timeline created by Dream Team
  • When he was born

    When he was born
    Neville Bonner was born under a tree! to be precise under a lantana bush
  • Period: to

    Neville Bonner's Life

  • Neville moved to his Grandparents Hollow

    When he was five he moved to his grandparents hollow.
  • He got his first job

    "... My job was, with a little tomahawk, Crawl under the lantana bushes and cut them off at the root..."
  • Neville Bonner's Mum died

  • When he got a proper education

  • He left school

  • He got his first job

  • He got married

  • His wife dies

  • He becomes a legal politition

  • He re-marries

  • His wish is granted!

    The aboriginals get their rights
  • He dies

    Of lung cancer in ipswich