Neil Armstrong's time line

  • Born

    Neil Alden Armstrong is born
  • Period: to

    Neil Armstrong

  • Neil's compassion for flight has started

    Neil has started his compassion for flight
  • Neil starts to take fliying lessons

    Neil is following his dream to becoming a pilot
  • Neil gets his pilot's license

    Neil gets his license on his 16th bithday
  • Neil graduates

    Neil has finally graduated and is waiting for his opurtunity to become a pilot.
  • Neil married Janet

    Neil marries Janet Armstrong
  • Neil becomes an astronaut

    Neil's dream has failed but a new career lies ahead
  • Neil's daughter Karen dies

  • Neil is the first person to ever set foot on the moon

    Neil reaches his destination (The Moon) with the help of Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.It is done with the Apollo 11.
  • Neil marries Carol Knight

    Neil marries his second wife