nasa time line

  • monky in space

    monky in space
    they sent a monky in space to see if it was possible to send a man into space.
  • Period: to

    nasa space race

  • first dog in space

    first dog in space
    the dog was sent to space to see if it was possible to send someone to space
  • sputnick 1

    sputnick 1
    It was made to intimidate and scare the us showing that they as the russians are better.
  • NASA is founded

    NASA is founded
    NASA the new program all about space and it's mystery's has just opened.
  • first man to orbit the erath

    first man to orbit the erath
    Now it is finally possible for man to go into space.
  • first us man in space

    first us man in space
    Yuri Gargarin is launched into space and this amazing acomplishment is so important because it lets the us know space travel is possible.
  • first us man to orbit the earth.

    US men are have finally learned how to send men into space.
  • first women launched into space

    The first Russian woman is launched into.This brittens the future for women and astonautics.
  • First space walk

    NASA has gotten the first man ever to walk in space this brittens the future for future space transportation.
  • Gemini 7

    Gemini 7 is on a space mission to do many experiments for future space travel and succesfully completes all these missions.
  • apollo 8

    Astronauts have flown to the moon and back demonstating a translur interjection
  • First us man on the moon

    Neil armstrong has succesfully landed on the moon letting the us know that planets can be walked on.
  • first us sattelite succesfully launched

    the first us sattelite is succesfully launched into space. This now lets the future advance much more quickly in weather and future technology.