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Naruto fic draft

By Araluen
  • 1 CE

    Konoha is founded

    Konoha is founded
    Hashirama & Madara aged 27
  • 3

    Hashirama marries Uzumaki Mito

    Hashirama aged 30
  • 5

    Madara leaves Konoha

    Kurama is sealed in Uzumaki Mito
    Madara, Hashirama and Mito aged 32
  • 6

    Senju Hiroko is born

    Hashirama and Mito aged 33
  • 7

    First Five Kage Summit convenes; Tailed Beasts are distributed among the nations 

    First Five Kage Summit convenes; Tailed Beasts are distributed among the nations 
    First Five Kage Summit convenes; Tailed Beasts are distributed among the nations
    Danzo and Chiyo are born
  • 8

    Sarutobi Hiruzen and Ebizo are born

  • 9

    Utatane Koharu and Mitokado Homura are born 

  • 10

    Sarutobi Biwako is born 

  • 19

    Hatake Sakumo and Tazuna are born

  • 20

    Yuhi Shinku, Umino Ikkaku and Umino Kohari are born

  • 23

    First Kazekage Reto is killed by assassins; Shamon becomes Second Kazekage 

  • 26

    Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru and Kato Dan are born

    Senju Hiroko aged 20
  • 27

    Maito Dai is born 

  • 28

    Kazekage Rasa is born 

  • 30

    Senju Nawaki is born; Senju Hashirama dies (at some point surrounding this event, Senju Tobirama becomes Hokage)

    Hashirama aged 57.
    Cause of death = cancer
  • 32

    Uchiha Fugaku is born

  • 33

    First Shinobi War; Senju Tobirama dies at the hands of Kinkaku’s battle unit; Sarutobi Hiruzen becomes Hokage

    Tobirama age 55; Hiruzen age 25; Danzo age 26; Torifu age 30
  • 33

    Senju Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru graduate from the Academy; First Shinobi War Ends; Team Hiruzen is formed

  • 39

    Aburame Shibi is born

  • 40

    Akimichi Choza, Yamanaka Inoichi and Nara Shikaku are born 

  • 41

    Hyuga Hiashi, Hyuga Hizashi and Uchiha Mikoto are born

  • 41

    Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina are born

  • 42

    Senju Nawaki dies; Nara Yoshino and Inuzuka Tsume are born

    Nawaki age 12; Tsunade age 16
  • 49

    Motoi’s father is killed; Blue B dies in Hachibi extraction; Killer Bee is chosen as Kumo’s jinchuriki

  • 50

    Uzumaki Kushina arrives in Konoha

    Mito age 76; Kushina age 9
  • 50

    Maito Gai and Morino Ibiki are born 

    Dai age 23
  • 51

    Hatake Kakashi, Momochi Zabuza and Samui are born; Namikaze Minato graduates from the Academy; Hatake Sakumo kills Sasori’s parents; at some point prior to this, Third Kazekage’s reign begins 

    Sasori age 5-6; Minato age 10; Sakumo age 32
  • 52

    Mitarashi Anko, Hagane Kotetsu and Kamizuki Izumo are born

  • 52

    Second Shinobi War begins; Tsunade develops her Yin seal; Hanzo names Sannin, Jiraiya remains in Ame

    Characters: Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade age 26; Nagato, Yahiko and Konan approxmiately age 7
    Known conflicts: Konoha v. Ame (Hanzo’s reign)
  • 53

    Sasori graduates from the Academy

    Sasori age 7
  • 53

    Uzumaki Mito dies; Uzumaki Kushina becomes the Kyubi jinchuriki; Kumo makes failed attempt to kidnap Uzumaki Kushina

    Characters: Mito age 79; Kushina and Minato age 12
    Notes: According to the data books, Kushina was around the age of 12 at the time of Kumo’s kidnapping attempt, and their purpose was to gain control of the Kyubi, meaning that she was made a jinchuriki at some point between the ages of 9-12. Based on her appearance, I would place her the upper end of that range when she speaks to Mito just before becoming a jinchuriki (Chapter 500).
    Known conflicts: Konoha vs. Kumo (Third Raikage’s Reign)
  • 53

    Kato Dan dies; Tsunade develops a fear of blood and retires from active combat/medicine

    Characters: Dan and Tsunade age 27
    Notes: Since Dan died at the age 27, he died during the Second Shinobi War in the Year 53. Interestingly, Shizune would’ve been only 4 when he died, and he died after his sister, so it’s very likely that after this point Shizune was either raised by her father or without family. 
  • 54

    Yamato/Tenzõ, Umino Iruka, Gekkõ Hayate, Uchiha Shisui, Darui, Cee and Utakata, are born

  • 55

    Jiraiya returns to Konoha from Ame and becomes Minato’s teacher;

    Characters: Jiraiya age 30; Minato age 14; Yahiko, Konan and Nagato age 10
    Notes: Since Jiraiya identified Nagato as the first Child of Prophecy, the Ame Orphans necessarily predate the Team Jiraiya that Minato was placed on. Jiraiya taught in Ame for 3 years before returning to Konoha, which means he couldn’t have taught Minato until three years after the Second Shinobi War had begun, placing Minato at age 14.
  • 55

    Second Shinobi War ends

    It is unclear at what point the Second Shinobi War ended, though the implication made in the Second Naruto Fanbook is that conflict flowed from the Second Shinobi War to the Third Shinobi War without pause, so there you can assume that the next war was declared within several months to a year of the Second ending.
  • 55

    Golden Foxes First Generation is born

  • 56

    Third Shinobi War begins; Yakushi Kabuto is born; Hatake Kakashi graduates from the Academy

    Characters: Kakashi age 5
    Notes: Kakashi’s age of graduation implies that he was 2-3 years younger than his peers to enter the Academy and only remained there for a few months. In the Second Naruto Fanbook, the battlefield experience of “very young children,” like Kakashi’s graduating class, is attributed to the Third Shinobi War rather than the Second, so it can be assumed that the village was already in the Third Shinobi War when Kakashi was attending the academy-
  • 57

    Hatake Sakumo dies; Maito Gai graduates from the Academy

    Characters: Kakashi age 6; Gai age 7; Sakumo age 38
    Notes: Sakumo’s suicide takes place 5 years prior to the events of Kannabi Bridge. Permitting for assumed age gap between the members of Team Minato, this places Sakumo’s death when Kakashi is 6, in Year 57. Gai graduates from the academy when he is 7, and he is approximately 1 year older than Kakashi. Sakumo’s age at this time is conjectural (see Year 19). 
  • 58

    Team Minato and Team Choza take Chunin exams; Hatake Kakashi becomes a Chunin

  • 59

    Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Izumi and Inuzuka Hana are born

  • 60

    Momochi Zabuza graduates from Kiri’s Ninja Academy; at some point prior to this, Zabuza massacres over one hundred Kiri students and Kiri is forced to change its graduation ceremony

    Characters: Zabuza age 9Notes: According to the data books, Zabuza graduated at the age of 9. However, his massacre of over one hundred Academy students is said to have occurred when he was not yet a student in Chapter 14, so it must predate this time. 
  • 60

    Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin become Chunin

  • 61

    Shiranui Genma and Maito Gai become Chunin

  • 62

    Sasori kills the Third Kazekage and turns him into a human puppet; Rasa becomes Fourth Kazekage 

    Characters: Sasori age 16; Rasa age 24
  • 62

    Temari and Deidara are born

  • 62

    Shizune, Kurenai and Asuma become Chunin; Tsunade and Shizune leave the village

  • 62

    Third Shinobi War (Battle of Kannabi Bridge); Hatake Kakashi becomes a Jonin; Uchiha Obito is presumed dead 

  • 62

    Third Shinobi War continues; Maito Dai dies in battle against the Swordsman of the Mist

    Characters: Gai age 12; Ebisu age 14; Genma age 14-15; Dai age 35
    Notes: During Chapter 668, Gai notes that his father is a genin and shouldn’t be on the battlefield, suggesting that at this time Gai is already a Chunin. As Gai became a Chunin at age 11, he must be at least 11, but more than likely a little older because of the timeline of the war. According to the data books, Dai is 35 when he dies. 
    Known conflicts: Konoha vs. Kiri (Fourth Mizukage’s reign OR Madara’s shadow reign)
  • 62

    Yuki Haku, Kaguya Kimimaro and Jugo born

    Characters: Zabuza age 11
    Notes: Haku is 3 years older than Naruto during the events of Part I, thus he is born 3 years before him in the Year 62. Kimimaro and Jugo are both the same age as Haku.
  • 63

    Mitarashi Anko graduates from the Academy; Team Orochimaru is formed 

    Characters: Anko age 10; Orochimaru age 36
    Notes: According to the data books, Anko graduates from the academy at the age of 10. Orochimaru is approximately 26 years older than Anko. 
  • 63

    Nohara Rin dies by Hatake Kakashi’s hand; Uchiha Obito and Hatake Kakashi awaken the Mangekyõ Sharingan

    Characters: Kakashi age 12-13; Rin and Obito age 14
    Notes: Rin dies while Konoha is still at war, so this year is most likely since the following year would be the end of the war. Obito is in rehabilitation long enough to grow out his hair past his shoulders and relearn to walk, so it’s likely to have taken place approximately one year after Kannabi Bridge. 
    Known conflicts: Konoha v. Kiri (Madara’s shadow reign of Fourth Mizukage)
  • 63

    Namikaze Minato faces A (Fourth Raikage) and Killer Bee on the battlefield during the Third Shinobi War 

    Minato age 22; Killer Bee age 19; A (Fourth Raikage) age 30
    Notes: In Chapter 542, Minato faces the A-B combo in a mission during the war, before either of them has taken on the title of Kage. Since A’s father dies at the end of the war, this event must occur sometime previous to the war end. I posit that the “other mission” Minato had at the time of Rin’s death was facing these ninja.
    Known conflicts: Konoha v. Kumo (Third Raikage’s Reign)
  • 63

    Hanzo confronts the first iteration of Akatsuki; Yahiko dies 

  • 63

    Kankuro is born

    Characters: Rasa age 25; Temari age 1
    Notes: Kankuro is 2-3 years older than Gaara and approximately 1 year younger than Temari and so was born Year 63, roughly between their birth dates.
  • 64

    A (Third Raikage) dies after battling ten thousand shinobi for three nights; A (Fourth Raikage) assumes his title and restricts Killer Bee to the village 

    Characters: A (Fourth Raikage) age 30-31; Killer Bee age 19-20
    Notes: According to Chapter 543, at some point before the end of the war, The Third Raikage dies and the Fourth Raikage is named, with A shortly after deciding to limit Bee’s movements outside the village. 
  • 64

    Third Shinobi War ends; Hyuga Neji, Rock Lee, Tenten, Sai and Karui are born

    Characters: Hizashi age 27
    Notes: Itachi is approximately 5 years old at the end of the Third War (Itachi Shinden), thus dating the war’s end. Team Gai is one year older than the Rookie 9. Sai and Karui are both the same age as Team Gai in Part II (approximately 17) so they are born this same year.
  • 64

    Namikaze Minato is named Hokage; Kakashi joins ANBU

    Characters: Minato and Kushina age 23; Kakashi age 13
    Notes: Hiruzen steps down as a result of the the Third Shinobi War, dating Minato’s promotion to after the war. Kakashi becomes a member of ANBU under Minato’s leadership. 
  • Period: 64 to 65

    Konoha’s Rookie 9 are born ; Uzumaki Karin and Hozuki Suigetsu are born (at some point prior to this but not before Year 51, Hozuki Mangetsu is born); Omoi is born 

    Yoshino and Tsume age 23-23; Shikaku, Inoichi and Choza age 24-25; Shibi age 26; Mikoto and Hiashi age 28; Fugaku age 33
  • 65

    Naruto & Hikari birth

    Uchiha Obito unleashes Kyubi on Konoha; Sarutobi Biwako is killed by Uchiha Obito; Umino Ikkaku, Umino Kohari, Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina die fighting against the Kyubi; Uzumaki Naruto and Hikari are born; Sarutobi Hiruzen reassumes role of Hokage
  • 66

    Orochimaru becomes a missing nin

    Orochimaru age 40; Hiruzen age 58
  • 66

    Itachi graduates from the Academy; Gaara is born

    Itachi age 7; Rasa age 28
  • 69

    Kumo ninja try and fail to kidnap Hyuga Hinata; Hyuga Hizashi is killed in his brother’s place as a result of the incident

    Hinata age 3; Neji age 4; Hizashi and Hizashi age ~31-32
  • 69

    Team Ebisu is born (Sarutobi Konohamaru, Kazamatsuri Moegi and Udon); Uchiha Itachi becomes a Chunin; Uzumaki Hikari graduates from Academy after awakening her Rinnegan and leaves Konoha to train with Jiraiya; Hikari becomes Chunin

  • 70

    Inari is born; Hikari returns to the Village, joining Anbu

    Tsunami age 21; Tazuna age 51, Hikari age 5
  • 70

    Umino Iruka becomes a Chunin; Hyuga Hanabi is born

    Iruka age 16; Hiashi age 33; Hinata age 5
  • 70

    Uchiha Itachi joins the ANBU; Uchiha Izumi graduates from the academy; Konoha implements a minimum graduation age of 11

    Izumi and Itachi age 11; Tenzo age 16; Kakashi age 19
  • 71

    Momochi Zabuza attempts a coup d’etat on Fourth Mizukage Karatachi Yagura (controlled by Obito); Momochi Zabuza, Yuki Haku, Hoshigaki Kisame and Utakata defect from Kiri; the Kaguya clan is wiped out in their assault on Kiri; Hikari becomes Jonin

    Zabuza age 20; Haku and Kimimaro age 9; Obito age 22; Kisame age 23; Utakata age 16-17; Hikari age 6
  • 73

    Uchiha Shisui dies; Uchiha Itachi awakes the Mangekyõ Sharingan 

    Shisui age 18; Itachi age 12
  • 73

    Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Obito massacre the Uchiha clan; Uchiha Itachi joins the Akatsuki; Uzumaki Hikari is discharged from ANBU; Uchihara Kennosuke forms the Golden Foxes with Hikari as its leader

    Itachi age 13; Obito age 23; Sasuke age 7; Mikoto age 35; Hazuki age 38; Fugaku age 40, Kennosuke age 18, Hikari age 8
  • 74

    Orochimaru leaves the Akatsuki

    Orochimaru age 46; Itachi age 13
  • 74

    Hatake Kakashi leaves ANBU

    Kakashi age 22-23; Yamato age 19-20
  • 77

    Hyuga Neji, Rock Lee and Tenten graduate from the Academy; Team Gai is formed

    Lee, Tenten and Neji age 12-13
  • 78

    Events of Part I inc. Rookie 9 graduate; Momochi Zabuza and Yuki Haku die; Kazekage Rasa is assassinated by Orochimaru; Konoha 11 take Chunin exams (Konoha Crush); Gekkõ Hayate and Sarutobi Hiruzen die; Tsunade becomes Hokage; Sasuke becomes a missing nin

    Gaara age 12; Rookie 9 + Hikari age 12-13; Team Gai age 13-14; Haku and age 15; Temari age 16; Itachi age 18-19; Hayate age 23; Iruka age 23; Zabuza and Kakashi age 26; Gai age 27; Asuma and Kurenai age 28; Kisame age 29; Rasa age 40; Orochimaru, Jiraiya and Tsunade age 51-52, Hiruzen age ~69
  • Period: 78 to 81

    Karatachi Yagura dies in battle; Sanbi dissipates and is forced to re-articulate itself; Terumi Mei becomes Mizukage

    Mei age 28-31
  • 80

    Gaara becomes a Chunin 

  • 81

    Events of Part II inc.; Hikari becomes the Jinchuriki of the Sanbi, Isobu (October), Uchiha Itachi dies, (leaving Hikari pregnant (September).)

    Gaara age 15; Rookie 9 + Hikari age 15-16; Team Gai age 16-17; Suigetsu and Karin age 16-17; Kankuro and Jugo age 18; Temari and Deidara age 19; Itachi age 21-22; Jiraiya age 54; Yamato age 26-27; Kakashi age 29-30; Asuma and Obito age ~31; Kisame age 32; Nagato, Konan and Sasori age 35; Inoichi and Shikaku age 41-42; Danzo and Chiyo age 73; Kakuzu age 91
  • 81

    Pain invades Konoha (October)

  • 81

    Sarutobi Mirai is born (Fall);

    Kurenai age 31
  • 82