name a name time line

  • WCTU

    the WCTU is founded
  • Mckinley

    william mckinley is elected
  • nacw

    a national assosiastion of colored women
  • 2nd term

    william mckinley is reeleceted
  • assassination

    mckinley is assassanated
  • roosevelt

    roosevelt is elected president
  • pure food and drug act

    haulted the sell in conaminated meats and medicines
  • taft

    taft is elceted president

    The NAACP is founded
  • WCTU

    wtcu becomes the largets women group in the world
  • bull mouse party

    roosevelts party
  • clayton anti trust act

    stoped other companies from buying stocks so the couldnt become a menopoly
  • prohibition

    outlaws alcohalic drinks.
  • 19th amendment

    women can vote now