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  • Segragation in Military

    Segragation in Military
    IN the summer of 1946, groups of civil rigths activists protested outside of the white house.
  • Segragation in Schools

    Segragation in Schools
    The NAACP said that seperate black and white segragated schools did not give equal educations to the students. Heman Swett applied to the law school at th University of Texas, that didn't accept black students. School officials created a seperate black law school.
  • Committee of Civil Rigths

    Committee of Civil Rigths
    President Truman created the Committee of Civil Rights so he could stuy racial discrimination and suggested federal solutions to the issue.
  • Segragation in Schools

    The Surpreme Court ruled in Swatt vs. Painter that the new school did not let black people with access to equal education to white people. The NAACP chose to focus on ending the segragation between the two races,
  • Segragation in Schools Over!

    The Supreme Court ruled that in the Brown case segragation was illegal.
  • Segragation in schools faster!

    The court made its ruling stronger by ordering public schools to desegragate "with all deliberate speed"
  • Rosa Parks and Bus Boycotts.

    Rosa Parks and Bus Boycotts.
    Rosa Parks, a black seamstres, refused to give up her seat on a white bus. She was arrested. Former NAACP leader used Rosa Parks case to challenge bus segregation. He then organized the bus boycott.
  • Boycott comes to the end.

    Boycott comes to the end.
    The Surpreme Court ruled the bus segregation illegal. African Americans earn self respect.
  • The Little Rock Nine

    The Little Rock Nine
    The school selected nine amazing African Americans students, known as the little rock nine, to attend Centeral High School.
  • Little ROck Nine

    Ernest Green was the firstblack high school student to graduate from Central High School .
  • Little Rock Closed

    The GOvernor closed Little ROck public schools to fight integration. But it reopened in 1959.