My Timeline about Justin Bieber-By: Brooklyn Joyce Steever

  • March,1st 1994

    Justin Drew Bieber was born and raised in Standford,Canada.
  • Feburary 18th, 2006

    He had posted over 100videos on Youtube
  • Justin's First Record

    Justin's First Record
    Justin Came out with first record called "My World 2.0" It big time record deal,In just two years.
  • Justins Worries

    Justins Worries
    Justin was acused he fathered a child. He took a DNA and it said that it all was false Justin did not father a child behind stage.
  • Youngest Popstar

    Youngest Popstar
    Justin Was the youngest popstar to perform in Madison Square Garden with Jaden Smith, There hard work had payed off, the world was so surprised when they heard (JB) was performing.
  • Dating Time

    Dating Time
    The world was shocked when he was dating actress and singer Selena Gomez.
  • Movie Time

    Movie Time
    Justin Took the big screen and made a movie about justin and his life and how he became famous.
  • The Hit

    The Hit
    Justin Bieber made a hit call " Boyfriend "