Carlos German Reyes Méndez (my brother)

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  • Was born

    Was born
    He was born in Mexico City
    He´s diagnosed with Down syndrome
  • Period: to

    CAM 23

    .When he turned three, he entered the CAM 23 (multiple care center) for 2 years.
    Back then he was very quiet, serious.
  • Period: to

    Childer´s garden

    At the age of 5 he entered the Cuauhximalpan children's garden for one year.
  • Period: to

    Fernando Montes de Oca Primary School

    When I turn 6, he entered the
    Fernando Montes de Oca Elementary School, there I study for 7 years.
    At school he had a good time, he was very tender and affectionate, he was already more sociable, not like he was more shy before.
    But he also suffered a lot from the bullying they did, sometimes leaving school crying.
  • Big brother

    Big brother
    On March 5, 2005, he became the brother of a little girl named María Guadalupe Reyes Méndez
  • The Big Birthday

    The Big Birthday
    After 6 years, his parents and close relatives planned a very beautiful party. At that time my brother was already very funny and liked to dance.
  • Dolphins

    That day I was happy to go to Six Flags, the dolphins were a surprise, it wasn't planned.
    Carlos was afraid of big games like roller coasters, but now he's going to very extreme games. He's become very brave..
  • First love

    First love
    They met from kindergarten, her name is Fernanda, but their relationship became more serious at the beginning of high school, they loved each other very much. It didn't last long. Today they are no longer seen so often, but their friendship endures
  • Period: to

    Back to CAM 23

    At the age of 13 he returned to CAM 23 to study high school and a carpentry workshop
  • Friends forever

    Friends forever
    In second grade, he met his best friend, Gustavo, was a beautiful friendship
  • Graduation

    Graduation was very exciting, Carlos was so happy and sad, happy to graduate and sad because he would stop seeing his friends. At the ceremony she was given recognition for completing her school year, at that time she almost cried. He's already an adult.