My Side Of The Mountain

  • Sam runs away from home

    Exact date unknown. It just says in the book I ran away in May.
  • House

    His house is 6ft in diameter. He can lie down, sit, and stand in it!
  • Strawberry lady

    Sam helped the lady pick strawberries then walked with her back to Delhi. Sam didn't want to help her, but he did! He went to visit Miss Turner at the library, and read a few books about hawks and falcons.
  • Sam captures Frightful

    This is the day when Sam captures Frightful by stealing him from his mother. Frigthful is a Falcon
  • Killing the deer

    Sam needs to kill a deer. He needs a door for his house, tethers for Frightful, and a blanket for warmth.
  • Salty

    Sam made some salt to season his food.
  • Flavor that food!

    In mid-June, Sam made a salty flavoring by boiling hickory sticks dry. It made a thick, black substance. Sam is going to use it to make his food taste better!
  • Beds

    Sam's bed is made from ash slats covered with hemlock boughs.
  • Raft

    Sam's raft is almost finished.
  • Raft for fishing

    Sam needs a raft so he can fish some places out far where he can't go.
  • Whistles

    Bando taught Sam how to make Willow whistels.
  • Sadness

    Sam is sad because Bando left.
  • The Baron changes fur.

    The Baron weasel changes coats for the winter.
  • Sam gets clay.

    Sam gets clay for a fire place in his tree house.
  • Clay

    Sam got some clay for a fire place.
  • Finished fire place.

    Sam finsihes the fire place today.
  • Fire place well

    Sam got the fireplace well enough that it didn't full the tree with smoke!
  • Collect nuts

    Sam and the squirrels collect nuts.
  • Squirrels, mountains and, nuts.

    Sam has been up and down the mountains everyday collecting nuts with the squirrels!
  • Halloween

    Sam celebrates Halloween.
  • Sam's house.

    The animals came and wrecked Sam's house.
  • The shot

    Sam got awaken by a shot from a rifle. Hunting Season hed started!
  • Article

    Articles in the newspapers saying that Sam is living in the wilderness and that he is stealing deeer from the hunters and that he is crazy!
  • Dress warm!

    Sam dresses head to toe in deerskin to stay warm through the tough winter!
  • Wood

    Sam starts collecting wood for fires to stay warm in the woods.
  • Sam's first snowstorm

    Sam's first snowstorm.
  • Snowstorms

    It is Sam's first snowstorm so, he holes up in his tree house and eats turtle soup and, acorn pandcakes.
  • Sam wonders if Bando will come?

    Sam is wondering if Bando is going to come and visit him for Christmas?
  • Bando comes for Christmas!

    Bando comes for Christmas!
  • Dad comes and visits.

    Sams dad comes and visits Sam after hearing and reading about Sam living in the wilderness.
  • Dad meets Frightful

    Dad meets Frightful in the not so friendly way to meet someone.
  • Dad leaves.

    Sams dad leaves Sams treehouse and goes back to his own house when Sam stays in the wilderness
  • Noises

    Sam heard something in his bedroom, he thinks it might be a mouse.
  • The mouse

    Sam finds a mouse in his bedroom and feeds him nut meat.
  • Frightful catches rabbit, and Sam finds an owl neighbor.

    Sam takes frightful out to the meadow to catch a rabbit. After Frightful catches rabbit he walks around a tree. Then Sam sees a great horned owl that's his neighbor!
  • The deer

    The deer pressed all around Sam. They are hungry, they stamp out yards to feed on.
  • Owl eggs.

    Sam think the Great Horned Owl has eggs!
  • Sam thinks it is spring!

    Sam sees that the snow is melting and he thinks it might be spring!
  • Spring

    It is finally spring! Sam is excited.