My Reading History

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  • The Beginning of a Long Journey

    The Beginning of a Long Journey
    It all started at Bedtime, My parents and siblings would read to me before going to bed. Whether it was a small book, fable or a book constructed of many bible stories. The seed of reading was planted.
  • Kinder: Learned Recognition

    Kinder: Learned Recognition
    In 2005, I began kindergarten in which I was taught to recognize sounds and the alphabet.
  • Kinder: Extended Vocabulary

    Kinder: Extended Vocabulary
    By the end of my kindergarten year, I knew sight words, different vocabulary and how to spell. This knowledge was gained due to reading activities and writing.
  • 2nd Grade: Phonics

    2nd Grade: Phonics
    During my 2nd grade year, the school provided phonics groups in all classes. Every student had their small group that worked for at least 30 minutes a day with the phonics booklets.
  • 3rd Grade: Chapter Books

    3rd Grade: Chapter Books
    As I continued my reading, I began reading chapter books such as Junie B. Jones, Magic Treehouse and others that were appropriate to the level I was reading. My 3rd-grade teacher was impressed by how far I was that I was placed in the advanced reading course provided.
  • 3rd Grade: Accelerated Reader

    3rd Grade: Accelerated Reader
    By the end of my 3rd grade year, I was granted an accelerated Reader award. In which I was recognized for my reading skils.
  • 5th Grade: Subtitles

    5th Grade: Subtitles
    During my 5th grade year marked the beginning of my journey in which I began to watch dramas of different languages. This ment I started watching dramas in Korean, Japanese and other languages. It required me to add subtitles to keep up with what was happening. Reading the subtitles was a struggle at first because of the pace being spoken but as I gradually got used to the pace and improved my reading even more overall.
  • 5th Grade: Longer Chapters

    5th Grade: Longer Chapters
    By the end of my 5th-grade year I decided to read longer chapter books such as Harry Potter books. They were a bit above my level and hard to take tests on for AR but it helped shape the reader I am today.
  • Middle-High School: Daily Reading

    Middle-High School: Daily Reading
    Throughout my middle school and high school education. I was always placed in accelerated classes This was due to the daily reading that was required throughout those years in which I chose books that sparked my interest. I always had an "A" when it came down to anything that had to be read or written. The reading daily helped shape that aspect of my education.
  • College: Junior and Senior year of High School

    College: Junior and Senior year of High School
    During the last 2 years of my high school career, I transferred to a high school called Nevada State High School. This High school sends you off to college during Junior and Senior year of high school. As I was going through my courses in the first two years of my college career the reading was harder because it was all out of textbooks. Luckily I was prepared enough to comprehend what I was reading and still helps me today in my college career.
  • The Reader I Am Today

    The Reader I Am Today
    Throughout my 19 years of life, reading has shaped a large part of my life. I thank all the teachers and courses during the beginning of my education and now.