My Reading Biography

  • Reading Growing Up

    Reading Growing Up
    I remember my mom and dad were always reading to us growing up. I remember my mom more than my dad but I do remember it was always Dr. Suess books.
  • Period: to

    From birth to present

  • Other early memories

    Other early memories
    I remember my mom would always read me the same books and they where always Dr. Suess books. One day she she tried switching the styles of books on me and started to read The Little Engine That Could. A couple pages in I asked her to stop reading because the story was boring me.
  • Earliest memories

    Earliest memories
    One of the earliest memories that I have as a kid that involved reading is going with my mom to the library to get my very own library card. My mom, who was an avid reader, did not want to buy the books for us or for herself so by going to the library I sat in the children's section reading every book I could get my hands on while she tried to find her own book.
  • Family Reading

    Family Reading
    As a family we did not do much together unless you count my parents reading to the one child at the time. What I do remember is my mom encouraging us to read a lot and while we read our books she would read hers.
  • Library

    Going to the library as a kid was always one of the more exciting things that I could do because my mom would get so excited to go.
  • Books in the Home

    Books in the Home
    I remember a large variety of books in my house, none that we owned but we always where checking books out of the library and with four of us always having a couple of books at a time it allowed us to pick and choose.
  • Books growing up

    Books growing up
    The books that I remember reading growing up are the Goosebump series by R.L. Stein. It was the only book series that I had any interest in reading.
  • Special Places

    Special Places
    When I was younger I remember reading under the kitchen table, the only thing that bothered me with that was the lighting.
  • School reading

    School reading
    In my 3rd grade class we had specific days for strictly reading which every student used to love. We where able to bring pillows, our pajama's, and blankets and we just laid around the class all day reading our books.
  • Summer reading

    Summer reading
    Growing up I lived in a neighborhood with multiple families that had kids around my age. On top of growing up with these kids we had a pool, so playing in the pool or sports during the day, and playing such games as capture the flag or kick the can at night I didnt have a lot of time to read.
  • High School reading

    High School reading
    In Highschool I was not interested in reading at all. I was so uninterested in reading I didnt even read the cliff notes that my friends would give me to read. I hated the books they gave us and the topics that we covered in them.
  • Reading in College

    Reading in College
    All of my reading that I do now is that of college textbooks. I do not have a whole lot of free time between school work, actual work, and trying to have fun.
  • Books for the future

    Books for the future
    I am unsure of any books that I would like to read for the future. If I heard of any that I may be interested in I would love to get back into recreational reading.
  • Last book I read

    Last book I read
    The last book that I read for recreational purposes was The Secret and that was about two years ago.
  • Book club

    Book club
    I have never been apart of a book club.
  • How many books a year

    How many books a year
    At this point in my life I am able to read about 1 book in a given year. My recreational reading is very limited due to time.
  • Last educational book

    Last educational book
    The last book that I read for educational purposes was "The Girl of the Limberlost" which was for Read 320 (your class). Prior to that the last book that I read was for my Sped 261.