Saint francis

My Life


    Underneath a star in the city of Tulsa, a baby girl was born. A CHILD... that would change the world forever.
  • Period: to

    Past... Present... Future... Heaven

  • Natalie was born

    The blondie joined the family.
  • Lyndsey was born

    We have another addition to the family.
  • Kelsey watches the BIG BIG ball drop

    Kelsey watches the BIG BIG ball drop
    The tradition is to camp out in the living room and watch the ball drop... this year.. it started it all.
  • Kelsey meet Europe friends

    Kelsey gets to meet European friends for the first time... and thouroughly enjoys learning their culture. She watches the ball drop with them and teaches them her traditions.
  • Kelsey Visits Europe

    Kelsey Visits Europe
    Kelsey travels to France, Belgium, England, and Holland
  • Kelsey Graduates Highschool

  • Kelsey Graduates College

    Kelsey Graduates from medical school at Florida University with a defree in Oral Surgery.