My Life

  • Period: to

    History of internet

  • I was born.

  • Yahoo was incorporated

    Yahoo was incorporated
    Yahoo is what I use daily for e-mail through teachers, school projects, and college apps. It is reliable and easy to access.
  • Google

    Google is a web site that provides internet related products and services. Google is helpful to me because anything you need to find can be found on google. It is very simple by just typing in a question, or key word it is good with finding just what you need.
  • WiFi alliance was formed

    WiFi alliance was formed
    This created a trade mark on wifi. Wifi is extremely helpful for all electronics. Without this invention we would have to hook up any device we have to a cord for the internet. If we did not have wifi it would be pointless to own a laptop or any electronic that is able to be mobile. .
  • BearShare

    This is a free music application where people can share files to whomever. This is great and easy to use because it is free and you can download the whole song to listen to. It is better than Itunes because of the fact that it is free.
  • Garmin first released as "Garmin"

    A Garmin device is a world wide satellite GPS. It is extremely useful to me because being a new driver I need help with directions often.
  • Invention of YouTube

    Invention of YouTube
    Youtube has immensely impacted my life. I use it daily to listen to music, watch old television shows that I have missed and to look up basically anything I want to veiw. This site is extremely helpful because everything you would ever need to watch is on it.
  • Google Docs made available to Google App Users

    Google docs is a great website for documents. I use this constantly for school papers and such because it saves to the website under your username therefore you do not have to carry a seperate flash drive to save anything; it is automatically saved there.
  • Iphone Released

    Iphone Released
    Today it seems everyone of all ages has an iphone. It is a smartphone that literally has everything. It is easy to use for all ages. It has accessability to the internet, phone, texting, applications, games, and more.
  • Pinterest

    This is a pin-board style social photo sharing site. People can post anything from cute outfits, pets, house decorating, recipes and more. It is helpful if you need an idea for anything.
  • Instagram

    This is a website for users to upload photos and a social network that is free. I enjoy using this app to see peoples photos of family, friends, and such. It is a great way for everyone to see a snap shot of a new baby, their outfit, or anything.