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My language ability has changed since birth

  • Day of Birth

    Day of Birth
  • Growing Up Time

    Growing Up Time
    Growing up, before going to school, at home my family always spoke both languages, Spanish and English. First, I developed the knowledge of English by hearing it, and then at school I started to learn how to read and write in English.
  • Early Years

    Early Years
    During my teens I learned English with my family and friends around me constantly.
  • My Early Years in Elementary School

    My Early Years in Elementary School
    During these years I learned how to read and write better in English.
  • Junior High School Years

    Junior High School Years
    In my years in Junior High School I also try to learn the most English I can learn.
  • My Years in High Scool

    My Years in High Scool
    During my years in high school I took advanced classes to improve my English communication both oral and written, and also in the reading area.
  • Graduation Day

    Graduation Day
    This was a special day for me and my friends. The beginning of our new lives. College!
  • College Years (Bachelor Degree)

    College Years  (Bachelor Degree)
    I decided to go to College to become a teacher. At the beginning I started to study to be a regular teacher but then, I decided to change to be an English teacher. This helps me a lot to improve my knowledge in the language with the help of excellent professor in the English area.
  • College Years (Master Degree)

    College Years (Master Degree)
    Finally, I graduated from College form the University of Sacred Heart in Santurce, Puerto Rico. I did my Master Degree in Arts of Education with a Specialist in Instructional Design and Educational Technology and a Subspecialist in English. During these two years in College I really improved my English a lot in all of the areas of the language skills.
  • Today

    All my years in school were here in Puerto Rico and here is where I learned English, so I think that my English is good enough to communicate with others, but although I know I have to improve a bit more.