My Grandfather Walter's life

  • Walter was born

    He was born
  • New York World Fair Opens

    Ice Cream cones were invented here
  • Pearl Harbor

    Brought US into WWII
  • Was Bar mitzvahed

    Became a man in Judiaism
  • VE Day

    WWII ended
  • First Transistor

    Computers got more advanced
  • Graduated College

    What more can I say?
  • Got Married

    See last event
  • Period: to

    Lived in Israel

    Go Jews!
  • First Manned Lunar Landing

    Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Alderwin
  • Started Materials Sciences Corporation

    That's a company!
  • Period: to

    Served on the Upper Dublin School Board

  • The Berlin Wall came down

    Bye Bye wall
  • First Grandchild was born

  • Retired

    Oh Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Present Day

    That's all