My Brother Sam is Dead by JJ Guzman

Timeline created by
  • Just after the Battle of Lexington and Concord

    The British and Continental Army were fighting and this starts the war with family and it starts to fill us in on the action on what was happening.
  • Sam's desire to fight as a Patriot (conflict 1)

    Sam is having difficultes with talking to his Father with joing the Contiinental Army after he has returned from college. Father does not approve of Sam's disicion and tells Sam not to go. Sam refuses and starts to have a problem with faher.
  • The battle of Bunker Hill

  • Conflict 2

    Sam has desiced to try to take Father's brown bess to go fight in the war. He successfully does it but then Tim finds a way to attempt to take it back to Father before something happens to him by the officers who were accusing Father of a liar.
  • V-Point

    On the way back from Verplancks Point, Tim and Father see the cowboys again. and they captured Father and Tim knows what goes on also.
  • Conflict 3

    Continentals come over to Mr. Heron house. He then asks Tim to deliver letters and he sneaks the letter. The letter doesnt get successfully to the other place. Then later on Sam comes home again.
  • Climax

    Sam is being blamed for stealing his own cattle when the two cattle thiefs were holding his like a hostage all tied up and blamming it on him. Sam would have no good say when it comes to trial because of two people against him.
  • Resolution

    Sam is to be executed with other convicted criminals because of his mistakes that he had done. There is nothing that Tim,Mother, or the Meeker's can do to save him. Sam's punishment would be to get shot.
  • Falling Action

    Sam is being blamed for stealing his own cattle because he was not doing what he was supposed to be doing. He was with his family and not on duty and for his behavior General Putman was determined to hang someone.