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musical history!

  • Motzart

    motzart Wiki during the classical area of music, Motzart had a huge influnce, as a pianistt , composer ,concertante,chamber and a choral .Betoven looked up to betoven during life as a musican .
  • Lugwig Van Beethoven

    Lugwig Van Beethoven
    born in 1770, Lugwig van Beethoven was born. Altho he was born in germany he wrote most of his music in his 20s when he moved to vienna.this is extremly important to music history because it had an import impact of music today.
  • Micheal Jakson

    Micheal Jakson
    michael Jakson got his start in music at the age of 4 as a part of "the jakson 5"later he became know for his many amazing song such as "thriller" "man in the mirrors" "beat it "and "bille Jean" his music changed culture along with madanas music during the 80s.
  • Stan Getz

    Stan Getz
    Stann Getz wiki
    Stan Getz was an american saxophoniest most famous for his version of autum leaves. at the age of 15, Stan quit highschool to join base's band.he made it . and soon became an amazing musican of the 1920s.
  • Elvis pressly

    Elvis pressly
    Elvis Wiki
    Know as the king of rock (and blues) during his time and still today. loved for his abbiltity to mix the blues with a backbone country.his grave is a most visited site in america. many still leave flowers and bears at the site.
  • Benny goodman

    Benny goodman
    clarinettest and band leader born in 1909, became a world famous jazz musican. jazz is the one true american music wich whent on to inspire many kinds of music, in cluding ,Rock ,Metal,Regga ,Rag Leaf, the Blues and probably your favorite (unfortunaly ,Rap.)jazz was popular during the 1930s through 50s where it really hit its hay day. around this time the dust bowl and ww2 were big events in this time period.
  • The Beatles

    The Beatles
    The Beatles
    The beatles was a rock band from the 1960,that made a huge diffrence in amerucan music ,wich continues to inspire millions of american musicans today.
  • Frank Sinatra

    Frank Sinatra
    Frank sinatra Frank sinatra not only had a huge influnce on music during is ara but also the culture and the italian mofia. with hits like "come fly with me" and "i did it my way" .frank was also an emmy awarded actor.
  • Greenday!!

    Billy joe arm strong (lead singer in greenday)in 1987 the band green day (origionally underthe name sweet children.)was fourmed in a town in new J.started by billy joe and his friends ,this was during the area of punk rock, billy joe idmitted being inspired by many musicans suchh as ,the Beatles ,van healian, Elvis (first record purchased ) and benny goodman, and bands like the offspring. his farther being a jazz musican and dieing of cancer . billy had many musical influances in his life. billy whent on the give a voice through music .
  • Dave coz

    Dave coz
    dave kozdave koz is a jazz saxophoniest that is still alive today (i had the honor of metting him) who started out in his schools jazz band.only weks before his collage graduation did he quite and move on to be a professional 2002 , dave was record and became famous.