Ms. Heiser 2R

By cashler
  • 200

    Ancient Civalizations 570 AD

    Greek physicians take medical knowledge into their own hand to understand.
  • The Enlightenment Ers

    They start to realise the it was a bad idea to swith from wood to coal. • 1775-Percival Pott (English Scientist) finds that coal is causing an unusually high incidences of cancer among chimney sweeps.• 1800- Beginnings of first modern municipal sewers in London, but water supply is still frequently contaminated. 

  • The Industrial Revolution

    • 1819- British Parliamentary committee express concerns about the steam engines and furnaces “could work in a manner less prejudicial to thee public health. It causes air pollution and harm • 1854- The Mechanical windmill for pumping water- it made it easier for farmers to use for home and livestock. It was used to help them get clean water to steam railroad trains.
  • The Progressive Era

    • 1892- 1000 Londoners die in smog incident• 1903- Massachusetts is the first state to delegate responsibility for occupational health to its State Board of Health, which appoints inspectors to check factories and workshops.• 1900- Water Pollution lawsuit begins in the Supreme Court. The state of Missouri sues the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago’s sewer system for polluting the Mississippi. Eventually the US Supreme Court allows the Chicago city sewer department to maintain a canal
  • The Roaring Twenties & The Depression

    • 1924- October 24- Five workers died because of grossly unsafe working conditions while making tetraethyl lead gasoline additive.• 1937- March 18- Leakage of natural gas from oilfields kills 295 students and teachers.• 1939- October 11- Smog in St. Louis was so thick that lanterns were needed during daylight for a week straight.• 1932- British medical journal says leaded gasoline is dangerous because it will create “slow, subtle insidious saturation of the system by infinitesimal doses of th
  • WWII and The Fifties

    • 1945- August 6 and 9- US dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.• 1948- October 30/31- Twenty people died and 600 hundred hospitalized and thousands strickened because of a smog incident.• 1948- 600 deaths in London in a killer fog.• 1950- November 24- Poza Rica killer smog incident leaves 22 dead, hundreds hospitalized in Mexico. The killer smog was caused by gas fumes from and oil refinery.
  • Period: to

    Air and Water Time Line

  • The 70s

    • 1972- Congress passed the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (over President Nixon’s veto)• Congress passed the Hazardous Waste Transportation Act.• 1977- Congress passed the Soil and Water Conservation act and the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act.
  • The 80s

    • 1980- Congress passed the Alaskan National Interest Lands Conservation Act. Which set aside over a hundred million acres for conservation and 26 new rivers.• 1981- Congress passed the Coastal Barrier Resources Act and the Nuclear Water Policy Act.• 1986- Emergency Planning and Communities Right To Know Act passes.
  • The 90s

    • 1900- Clean Air Act amendments strengthen the rules on SOx and NOx emissions from electric power plants to help reduce the acid rain.• 1900- EPA administrator William Reilly established Environmental Equity work group to help deal with the environmental justice issues.• 1992- December- The UN General Assembly resolution which bans drift net fishing in international waters became effective.
  • 21st Century

    • 2001- The Environmental Working Group has reported that many sources of drinking water of more than 7 million Californians and millions of others are contaminated with Perchlorate. Which is a chemical that disrupts child development and may cause thyroid cancer.• 2003- The Bush Administration had won a victory of the mountain top removal mining. They were told the minors violated the Clean Water Act. They did this by using explosives and making rocks and dirt go into the valleys and streams.
  • The Middle Ages

    The people had no expalination for the Black Death or the Pleague. • 1388- Parliament passes an act forbidding the throwing of filth and garbage into ditches, rivers, and waters.• 1560-1600-Rapid industrialization in England leads to heavy deforestation and increasing substitution of coal for wood.
  • The Future

    • 60,000 species of organisms are known to science but more than 1.5 million have been to exist.• 4 out of 5 animals are made out of nematode worms.• About 16,000 species of bacteria exist.• Our lives depend on creatures.• There are over 500 bacteria species (friendly bacteria) live in your mouth and throat.• If we were to wipe out all insects, all living things that deal with them will die with it.• We live on a great-unexplored planet.• The great majority of organisms best remain un-non