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MrBeast Biography

  • Uploaded First YouTube Video

    Uploaded First YouTube Video
    MrBeast uploaded his first YouTube video at the age of 13, it was a short video of him playing Minecraft at the time his channel was named MrBeast6000.
  • Created Worst Intros Series

    Created Worst Intros Series
    He would react to the worst intros to YouTube videos he could find, he would poke fun at them, mock them and just laugh at them all in good fun, this would lead to the first sign of growth on his channel.
  • Reached 30,000 subscribers

    Thanks to the success of his Worst Intros series his channel reached 30,000 subscribers.
  • Reached One Million Subscribers

    Reached One Million Subscribers
    Thanks to success of his videos starting to go viral he had in November he reached one million subscribers.
  • Had His First Video Go Viral

    Had His First Video Go Viral
    He uploaded a video of himself counting to 100,000, the video is just under 24 hours in length, at 23 hours and 48 minutes. However it took him over 40 hours to record.
  • Named YouTube's Biggest Philanthropist

    Named YouTube's Biggest Philanthropist
    After the success of his long videos of him counting or saying a phrase for over 24 hours he found the next way to go viral which was giving away money. He would give money to people in need, twitch streamers with no viewers and he would give money away through the crazy challenges he would come up with. By 2018 he had given away over one million dollars. Which gave him the title of YouTube's Biggest Philanthropist.
  • Launched #TeamTrees

    Launched #TeamTrees
    With the goal of planting 20 million trees by 2020, MrBeast launched a campaign known as #TeamTrees where they would plant a tree for every dollar donated. And this campaign was a success as it has earned over 21 million dollars. This campaign gained the support of Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey who both made major donations.
  • Named Top YouTube's Top Creator

    Because of his large subscriber count and in part to all his videos on his main channel MrBeast gaining over 10 million views on the videos he uploaded that year.
  • Livestreamed a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament With 32 of the Biggest Internet Influencers

    Livestreamed a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament With 32 of the Biggest Internet Influencers
    In April of 2020 he did a rock, paper, scissors tournament with 32 of YouTubes top creators which included Mark Rober, MatPat, Ninja, LazarBeam just to name a few and the winner won $250,000 to give to a charity of their choice. It was very successful, in the fact the video gathered over 38 million views in under a year of the video being out.
  • Launched MrBeast Burger

    Launched MrBeast Burger
    MrBeast Burger is a delivery only fast food restaurant with thousands of locations across the United States.