moving to west timeline

  • potato famine

    Durnig the 1850 the Potato famine hits Ireland and effects Ray McDonigans Family when he was little and had killed his grandpa and his family weny to fairly weathly to poor and not be able to find a job. Ray vowed to move hisw family to America and chang his families life for the better.
  • Period: to


  • homestead act is passed

    Homestead Actis passed in 1862
  • Ray McDonigan finally comes to America

    Ray finally makes it to ellis Island in America, but by himself becasue money issues Ray has to find a job and a house to support his family
  • Finds the homestead act

    After living in ellis island for a couple of weeks. he took advantage of the homestead act and moved to montana and got acers of lande. He got a job as a cowhand to raise and move cattle.
  • family homecoming

    Ray finaly has ering and support his family in america
  • disaster hits

    Disatster hits. Ray loses half of his cattle population. but a couple of days latter the indian tribe that he has come to know and trust gives him a fourth of his cattle back
  • disaster hits agian

    Ray McDonigan boss Paul Wedson dies and leaves his company to is family who wont pay any of the workers until they sell the company
  • A Knew career?

    Ray McDonigan finds a fight club in montana and fight 2 a week for money
  • luck finaly strikes

    They finaly finaly sell the company and he gets paid a normal income for rasing and moving cattle
  • dead

    Ray McDonigan dies at age 60