Movies that I Loved

  • Forest Gump (1994)

    Forest Gump (1994)
    I liked Forest Gump because, the way of the director to show a character with down syndrome while they are presenting a variety of historical events. And I liked too because it was a parody of the last social movements. The other day i was talking with a friend and him make me think about this movie that was important in my childhood but now it doesn't.
  • The Sixth Sense

    The Sixth Sense
    This was my first thiller movie. I remember that I was impacted whit the end of the movie, I wasn't believed that Bruce Willis was died in all the film. I remember that I saw the film many times to try to prove to my family that the death of Bruce Wills was a mistake.
  • Analyze This

    Analyze This
    It' was a incredible comedian film. I remember that I saw this movie many times, not only in the cinema but also at home. I always recommended this movie to my friends and family. And I know the lines by heart.
  • Batman The Dark knight

    Batman The Dark knight
    I liked this movie because it was an action film with a deep plot. I went to the premiere and I had to wait a long time in a long row, and I was frustrated because the film was doblated in mexican spanish. But also I liked very much the Nolan's style in the films. and it's was the first movie that I prefer the villian, I get obsessed with this verssion of the joker, I think the last joker's sucks! (specially the verssion of Jared Leto).
  • Her

    When I went to see this movie I didn't have any expectations; but when I saw the film I love it, because It wasn't only a love history but also a technologic topic that affect our lives.
  • Whiplash

    When I saw this movie make me think about to my teacher role and how we impact the life's to our students. and also, I think the actor J.K Simmons was incredible in the film. This movie makes me think too about the way that we are obsess in our dreams, maybe in the sick way.