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  • Film

    Hanibal W. Goodwin invents film.
  • The Kinetoscope

    The Kinetoscope
    Thomas Edison introduces his plans to build the kinetoscope.
  • Kinetoscope Unveiled

    Kinetoscope Unveiled
    Thomas Edison unveils the kinetoscope, a device that allows one person at a time to watch motion pictures.
  • First Public Showing of Cinematograph

    First Public Showing of Cinematograph
    Auguste and Louis Lumiere gave the first public showing of the cinematograph, a machine that projects motion pictures on a screen.
  • The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery
    Edwin Porter produces The Great Train Robbery (The first narrative film).
  • Technicolor

    Technicolor is introduced (a very non-realistic looking color added to movies. Red and green were the only colors used)
  • The Radio

    The radio is invented and preferred over silent films by the public. So the film industry begins to decline.
  • The Warner Brothers

    The Warner Brothers make a full-length singing and talking film named The Jazz Singer. The audience loved it!
  • Movies at Their Peak

    Movies were at their peak during this set of time.
  • Motion Picture Industry Monopolized

    The motion pictures industry was monopolized by film studios.
  • Studios and Theaters

    The United States Supreme Court ruled that movie studios could not own theaters because it gave the studios exclusive control over making and selling movies.
  • Television vs. Movies

    Television overtakes movies in popularity; realistic color replaces black and white movies in theaters; theaters try to win audiences back by using 3-D movies.
  • Today

    Today we have flatscreen TV’s, we can watch movies and television shows on computers, IPhones, IPads ect. This is very different than when film was first invented.
  • The Future

    We will have Pocket Screens the size of IPhone’s. Once you take it out of your pocket it will turn into a flat-screen TV that only you can see. It will be floating above ground at a prefered height and when you walk it always be in front of you. Until you press the button that makes it shrink back to it original size and automatically go back into your pocket.
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