movie history

  • 1800's

    the first movie was was made in France. It was done using projectors.
  • 1900's

    The first sci fi film was a trip to the moon. It was made in France. It used practical effects
  • 1910's

    During the first WW the industry struggled. they moved to longer films and became more expensive
  • 1950's

    The first Godzilla movie was released in 1954. Then he became extremely popular and spawned a bajillion sequels. Godzilla was actually a suit that someone had to wear
  • 1970's

    Jaws became the first summer blockbuster back in 1975. It was one of the first movies to make 100mil. Now summer blockbusters are a normal thing
  • 1980's

    VCRs were used to watch movies after they were released. They used VHS tapes. If you wanted to they could record shows
  • 1990's

    DVDs were used to watch movies after they were released. They took up less space as a VHS. They became less popular due to streaming services
  • 2000's

    Ironman was released back in 2008 and it became a smash hit. It birthed the cinematic universe and defied expectations. It pulled marvel from bankruptcy
  • 2010's

    Avengers endgame made 1 BILLION dollars worldwide opening weekend. Endgame dethroned Disney as the highest-grossing film so now Disney had the crown for a short time. Everyone knew it was going to do well even the studios had to put their movies around endgame to get a chance of success.
  • 2020's

    With a certain deadly pandemic going around the world the industry moved to streaming with one such film being Zack Snyder's justice league.After much fan outcry WB decided to release the snydercut on HBO. Almost everyone who has seen the one in 2017 and this one, such as myself would say that the snyder cut is a way better form of that original 2017 film