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  • First Motion Picutre

    First Motion Picutre
    It shows the first experimental film that Thomas Edison made in 1889. In 1878, British photographer Eadweard mad a film using pictures of the horses galloping.
  • Warner bros.

    Warner bros.
    In 1923 the warner bros. were established and became famous in the mid 19 hundreds
  • The first colored film

    The first colored film
    In 1939 the first colored movie was made and it was also called the "Wizard of OZ" and also "Gone with the Wind."
  • V.R

    Around 2015-2017 they have made a V.R set, a V.R set is a headset that basically shows the the video world in first person. Also it was actually made in 1968 except it was to heavy to use so now they made it where it wont be as big. It was made by Ivan Sutherland and his student Bob Sproull.
  • Bloody mess

    in the 1970s, filmmakers increasingly depicted and showed gunfight and battle scenes that included graphic images of bloody deaths
  • Money time$$$

    Americans spend $12 billion to buy or rent video tapes, compared to just $4.9 billion on box office ticket sales. 76% of households have vcr players.
  • Period: to

    Vitascope project

    Edison showed his improved Vitascope project and it was the first commercially, succeessful, projector in the U.S.