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Moritz Schlick

By Cthart
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    The Life of Mortiz Schlick

  • Max Planck

    Max Planck
    Max Planck was a professor of Theoretical Physics and won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918. Moritz Schlick worked under Max Planck and completed his Ph.D. in 1904. "He began his studies in physics at the University of Heidelberg, then went on to the University of Lausanne, and finally attended the University of Berlin." (Pratt 2023)
  • Lebensweisheit ("The Wisdom of Life")

    Schlick published Lebensweisheit ("The Wisdom of Life") in 1908. This was "a slim volume about eudaemonism, the theory that happiness is the highest ethical pursuit." (New World Encyclopedia)
  • University of Rostock

    Professor of Physics between 1911 and 1922
  • Albert Einstein Letter

    Albert Einstein Letter
    Albert Einstein wrote Moritz Schlick a letter informing him he was familiar with his work. Einstein informed Schilck that he agreed with his work, and looked forward to an opportunity to meet with Schlick. https://www.docenti.unina.it/webdocenti-be/allegati/materiale-didattico/34057586
  • Space and Time in Contemporary Physics

    Moritz Schlick "offers an accessible approach to the physical doctrines of the special and general theories of relativity, with particular focus on the theories’ philosophic significance." (GoodReads)
  • Professor of Philosophy

    in 1922, Moritz Schlick "became professor of the philosophy of inductive sciences at Vienna." (Duignan 2012)
  • The Vienna Circle ("Wiener Kreis”)

    The Vienna Circle ("Wiener Kreis”)
    The Vienna Circle was a group of scholars who met between 1924 and 1936. It was founded and primarily led by, Moritz Schlick. "In total, there were 20 core members. About 50 scientists were on the periphery of the so-called Schlick-circle, such as Karl Popper, Oskar Morgenstern, Hans Kelsen or Karl Bühler" (Stadler 2023) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-t4N_ew-wDo Stadler, Friedrich, The “Vienna Circle" ("Wiener Kreis”), Universitat Wien
  • The Murder of Mortiz Schlick

    The Murder of Mortiz Schlick
    Walking up the stairs to the University of Vienna's School of Philosophy, Professor Schlick was shot and murdered by a former student, Johann Nelbock. Professor Mortiz was on his way to deliver a lecture when he was confronted. In court, Johann Nelbock argued that the professor had promoted and supported Jewish Philosophy.