Moritz Schlick 1882-1936

  • Birth

    Born in Berlin 1882
  • Period: to

    Doctor of Philosophy

    Moritz Schlick received his Ph.D from the University of Berlin in physics.
  • The Boundaries of Scientific and Philosophical Concept-Formation

    Schlick's most important work that explained sciences as the act of defining events by the overall governing laws that defined the event. Ground breaking work that helped simplify events as universal.
  • Period: to

    Logical Positivism

    The Vienna Circle was a group of philosophers who were attempting to understand human behavior in the 1920s. These ideas centered around the idea that only scientific facts were of any merit, if it was not settled in science it could not be factual.
    Short video, Logical Positivism
  • Death- June 22 1936

    Schlick was murdered by a former student for reasons unknown. The student had been institutionalized and was known to threaten Schlick. In 1936 he shot Schlick four times causing his death.