Monarcas de España

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In History
  • Period: 816 to 852

    Íñigo Arista

    Íñigo Arista he was the founder of the Arista-Íñiga dynasty, and count of Bigorra. He has been considered the first king of Pamplona.
  • Period: 852 to 882

    García Íñiguez

    Son of Iñigo Arista; from 842 he was regent and led the military campaigns during the last years of his father's life.
  • Period: 882 to 905

    Fortún Garcés

    He was the last Pamplona chieftain of the Arista-Íñiga dynasty.
  • Period: 905 to 925

    Sancho Garcés I

    Sancho Garcés I was king of Pamplona between the years 905 and 925. Son of García Jiménez and his second wife, Dadildis de Pallars, he was the first king of the Jimena dynasty.
  • Period: 925 to 970

    García Sánchez I

    García Sánchez I was the first king of Nájera and by paternal inheritance King of Pamplona who ruled the kingdom from 925 until his death.He was the son of the King of Pamplona Sancho Garcés I and Queen Toda Aznárez.
  • Period: 970 to 994

    Sancho Garcés II

    Even though he was a minor, he was entrusted with the possession of the county of Aragon and when he reached the age of majority, he ruled the county as a regulus, "although always under the authority of his father, the king of Pamplona."
  • Period: 994 to 1000

    García Sánchez II

    García Sánchez II, nicknamed El Temblón, was the son of Sancho Garcés II Abarca and Queen Urraca Fernández and King of Nájera-Pamplona from 994 until his death.
  • Period: 1000 to 1035

    Sancho Garcés III

    Sancho Garcés III, nicknamed the Greater or the Great, was king of Pamplona from 1004 until his death. His reign is considered the period of greatest hegemony of the kingdom of Pamplona over the Spanish-Christian sphere in all its history.
  • Period: 1035 to 1054

    García Sánchez III

    García Sánchez III, nicknamed that of Nájera, was king of Nájera-Pamplona from 1035, Álava and a large part of the County of Castilla. Son of Sancho III the Elder and Muniadona Sánchez de Castilla.
  • Period: 1054 to 1076

    Sancho Garcés IV

    Sancho Garcés IV, called "El de Peñalén" or "El Noble", was king of Pamplona between 1054 and 1076. He died in 1076.