modern U.S history

By 2121131
  • Computers

    it was invented by an english fellow named charles babbage
    an abacus was invented in the 3rd century A.D
    charles babbage analactic engine was considered the first computer by many experts
  • car

    the first auto mobile was created by a french guy named Amadee Bolle.
    he built self propelled steam road vehicles.
    the first car had a internal compustion engine running on fuel gas
  • Telephone

    Alexander graham bell invented the first telephone.
    He made his first call to Thomas A. Watson.
    The first telephone appeared in 1877 to wisconsin
  • Radio

    it is a wireless transmission signal through space
    the united states adopted the radio for communication
    the sound is change by sytematically changing radiated waves
  • Television

    Boris Rosing and his student Vladimir Zworykin created the first television.
    television can be traced back to the founding of photoconductivity.
    John Logie Baird demonstrated televised moving images
  • state of the economy

    The worst the economy has ever been
    25% unemployment
    caused by things such as large citizen debit, untrustworthy banks, and a large gap between the richand the poor.
  • Hoover dam opens

    Funded by the public works foundation which was a new deal program.
    Employed 5 thousand people
    Supplies electricity to Las Vegas and Las Angeles
  • G.I. Bill of rights

    part of the new deal program put forth by FDR that guaranteed veterans of WWII a successful transition into popular culture.
    Benefits included low cost mortgages loans to start buissness or farm paid schooling and one year unemployment pay.
    In the decade that followed WWII 2.2 million G.I.s took advantage of paid tuition and went to school
  • Period: to

    Cold war

    It was between the United States and the Soviet Union
    we both had nuclear weapons but never met in battle
    the United states increased diplomatic,military, and economic preasures on the soviet union
  • Period: to

    Baby Boom

    increased birth rate
    2 babies per 100 women were born
    people born during that period were called baby boomers
  • Period: to

    Korean war

    war between republic korea and democratic korea
    It was the result of the political division of Korea
    with both North Korea and South korea the Korean war was proxy war.
  • Sputnik

    Sputnik was the first artificial earth satalite
    it was a key cold war event
    Sputnik was launched by the Soviet Union.
  • internet

    it was developed for arpanet
    it was established by a computer at UCLA
    also another one at the stand ford institute
  • First person to walk on the moon

    Neil Alden Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon.
    the United states was four years behind the soviet union to the race to space.
    John F kennedy was inspired to get someone to the moon and back safely