Mobile Phone Timeline

  • Morse Code!

    Samuel Morse, an American Painter uses an electromagnet to convey a series of sounds. He then gives letters different rythmns and Morse Code is born.
  • Mr. Watson

    Alexander Grahm Bell makes the first telephone call through the transmitter that he designed. Strangely enough, the first words ever muttered over telephone were "Mr. Watson, come here, I want you."
  • Public Telephones

    First commercial telephone calls are placed in the UK, and it is the Post Office that controls the phones.
  • Mobile Telephones

    Mobile Telephones are a reality, through an ATT network you could place a "call" by finding a special bandwidth between certain frequencies. In reality this was more like a walkie talkie. (The phones also had more than 34 kgs of batteries, yikes!)
  • Forecasting

    ATT hires a firm to forecast global mobile telephone sales. The firms says the largest it will ever get is 900,000 phones. Today we sell than in 3 days...
  • Backpack Phones

    Vodafone now has opened for business in the UK with its new "light" phone that only has 20kgs of batteries. It charges 164 pounds per quarter for phone privelages, plus ~160 pounds for other fees. So, in reality they were really spendy then too!
  • GSM

    The Global Standard for Mobile or GSM is now operational and cell phones can place calls to other countries.
  • GSM 1800

    The GSM 1800mHZ network is up and running. This is of note because it is still the platform that high end countries run. (All of Europe and most of Asia, suprisingly the US runs an older system.)
  • Bluetooth

    Bluetooth technology is put out, allowing cellphones to wirelessly connect to other devices.
  • Sales!

    In 1998 more cell phones are sold worldwide than cars and PC's combined.
  • WWW Phones

    Cell phones are now able to search the world wide web from cellular networks.
  • iPhone Mania

    The birth of the Apple iPhone, a new era of the combination of PC and cell phone.