M&M's Literacy Timeline

By mmathew
  • Birth

  • Grandmother would read to me

    She would read to me Malayalam children's books.
  • My sisters would read to me

    They were in elementary and in middle school during this time.
  • Learning how to read

    Cat, Pat, Pot, Top were the first words I was able to read.
  • Watching Reading Rainbow in class

    Teacher would read us books that were shown off the show
  • The Mouse and the Motorcyle

    Beverly Clearly
  • Started reading Boxcar Children

    Had to make a diorama from a specific part of the first book
  • Watching Arthur in class

    "Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card..."
  • Dear, Mr. Henshaw

    Dear, Mr. Henshaw
    by Beverly Cleary. I read this in my 3rd grace class, and I thought the title sounded a lot like my teacher's last name: Mrs.Hendershot
  • Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing

    Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing
    Read it in 4th grade, then a class trip to watch it as a play
  • AR Reader

    Moved to a new elementary school, started reading books and scoring high enough points to win Reading Across Broward and becoming Champion
  • Encylopedia Brown

    Encylopedia Brown
    Would read the book in class, and teacher would allow us to watch an episode that same Friday
  • Little Women

    Little Women
    First time a book made me cry, still love the book
  • Sweet Valley High

    Sweet Valley High
    My older sisters were in high school so I would feel like this was a little window to their lives.
  • Pippi Longstocking

    Pippi Longstocking
    Would love reading it to the point of wearing my hair in what I can only hope resembled her hairstyle
  • Matilda - Ronald Dahl

    Matilda - Ronald Dahl
    Loved reading this book so much!
  • The Babysitter's Club

    The Babysitter's Club
    Encouraged me to start my own short-lived babysitting club; which was limited to just family... my family
  • Read my first Harry Potter book

    Read my first Harry Potter book
    I started reading it, loved it so much that I shared it with my parents who told me to stop reading it because they didn't want me to believe in magic, it only made me want to read it more.
  • Little House on the Prarie

    Little House on the Prarie
    Loved reading about Laura
  • Times Kids Magazine

    Would read this every Friday in class, learning about kids around the world, about politics, and everything under the sun. It was awesome
  • Maniac Magee - Jerry Spinelli

    Had to read this for English Class in Middle school, loved it though
  • Book Club - Twilight

    Had to read Twilight, for my high school book club. Way before it became famous
  • Meet Judy Blume

    @ local library, signed autograph
  • The last Harry Potter book

    The last Harry Potter book
    I cried, the entire time
  • Started and finished the Hunger Games

    It was a pleasant surprise at how good the series actually was.