Mitch Albom

  • Born

  • First College Class

  • Receives Degree

    Brandeis University.
  • Wins Press Award for Best Sports Story

  • Gets Big

    Moves to detroit and becomes prominent sports jounalist for Detroit Free Press.
  • Establishes Dream Fund in Detroit

  • Gets Married

  • Ted Koppel

    Sees Morrie Schwartz on Ted Koppel, realizes he's sick.
  • Tuesdays w Morrie is Published

  • Named National Hospice Organizations Man of the Year

  • Morrie becomes a movie

  • 5 People you meet in heaven

  • 5 People becomes movie

  • For One More Day

  • For One More Day becomes movie

  • Have A Little Faith

  • Have A Little Faith becomes movie

  • The Time Keeper

  • Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

  • The First Phone Call From Heaven