Missy Jenkins I Choose to be Happy

By jadair
  • Heath Shootings/Missy Shot

    This is the day in Which Missy Jenkins was shot and wounded
  • Funerals of Jesica, Kayce, And Nicole (Missy's Classmates)

    This was the date that the funeral occured. The three mentioned abouve were those who died as a result of the shooting.
  • Dr. Rommelman gives Prognosis of Missy in national media.

    Dr. Rommelman said that after surgery and recovery that she would face long recovery and probable would end up in wheelchair.
  • Missy Leaves Lourdes and goes to Cardinal Hill

    Missy leaves Lourdes and continues her rehabilitation in a place call Cardinal Hill in Lexington Ky.
  • Michael Carneal sentenced

    Michael Carneal sentenced in McCracken County Circuit court (120 years, 25 parole)
  • Missy Spoke at White House

    President Clinton and Mrs Clinton had Missy come to the White House and Speak about kids and guns.
  • Missy goes to California to learn to walk.

    Missy goes to California to to get rehab at a place called Dynamics. This is a place that would help a paraplegic through its new inventions.
  • Letters From Michael

    Michael had sent Missy letters to try to explain and talk through what he was feeling.
  • Missy Comes Home from California

    Missy comes back to Paducah to Heath High School,
  • High School Graduation

    Missy High School Graduation.
  • Missy chooses MSU as school

    In August of 2000 Missy chooses MSU over USC.
  • Missy Graduation from MSU

    Missy completes College as MSU and graduates
  • Missy begans work as and educator and counselor

    Missy gets her first job (as a counselor) in 2005.
  • Missy gets married

    Missy gets married to Josh in whom she had met in college and dated for close to two years,
  • Missy meets with Michael

    Missy actually meets with Michael for the first time in prison.
  • Missy Has Baby

    Missy has a baby and accomplishes something else that was told to be impossible.