Missing Years timeline

  • Oct 16th - Tremont Hotel, 1st US modern hotel opens (Boston)

    This Hotel use to be called 'The Tremont House".
    Each of the Tremont’s 170 luxurious rooms went for $2 a day and included four meals.
  • Elizabeth Jane

    Elizabeth Jane Registration Document: 74
    No 15
    No. 31 Port Ipswich dated 3rd November 1830
    Name Elizabeth Jane Burthen 156 44/94 Tons
  • Barrbados hueeican

    Barbados was struck by another hurricane on August 10th of 1831 resulting in the deaths of 1500 people.

    mobs continued to persecute the Mormons, wherever they were, and on March 24, 1832, a mob led by Symonds Ryder, a man who had been converted and had then apostatized from the Church, attacked Joseph and Sidney Rigdon in Hiram,
  • president Jackson takes federal money from US

    Senate censure Pres Jackson for taking fed deposits from Bank of US
  • Traveling the National Road, 1833

    its a Gateway to America's Frontier.
  • Traveling the Erie Canal, 1836

    The original canal was 363 miles long, 40 feet wide and four feet deep. It has been enlarged and expanded twice. Today, it is used primarily for recreation.
  • Escape From Slavery, 1838

    many slaves could escape by personating the owner of one set of papers.
  • German railway Neurenberg-Furth opens

    German railway Neurenberg-Furth opens. the Railway was closed due to a bombing that took place