Missing in Action

  • The ignitiom

    Mrs. Critchley comes to Mr. Bashcombe to tell him her son is missing.
  • Period: to

    Missing in Action

  • The Journey

    Mr Baschombe starts his investigation in search of the little boy.
  • The First Inquiry

    Mr Bashcombe runs into his first suspect, but the suspect is cleared as he has a good alibi.
  • The Second Inquiry

    Mr Bashcombe runs into Mr Mormond, who seems to be the prime suspect.
  • The Revalation

    Mr Bashcombe finds the Johny Critchley, as he was not offended nor found dead. He can now clear the prime suspect, Mr Mormond, of allegations.
  • The Upset

    After Mr Bashcombe and Johny return home, it is discovered that Mormond is found dead. As he became the suspect and scapegoat of the investigation.