Minimum Wage TimeLine

Timeline created by Nicolas Nussbacher
  • The First United States Minimum wage Law

    Massachusetts had made its own minimum wage law that was only applicable to Women and Children.
  • Fair Labor Standard Act

    Fair Labor Standard Act was the first act that established minimum during the Great Depression. Congress initially set it to 25 cents which in current dollars that is 3.80
  • President Truman

    President Truman had increase the minimum wage from 40 cent to 75 cents which is $5.20 to $7.29 which was a large increase of that time.
  • The Highest point of Minimum Wage

    In 1968 When President Johnson was President the Minimum was at its highest point in U.S. History From then on it never arose above $10.75
  • Poverty Level in 1989

    Since 1989, minimum wage as a percentage of the poverty level has averaged around 60%.
  • The Last Minimum Wage Raise

    This was the last time the minimum wage was Increase in U.S. History.
  • Local Minimum wages Higher than Federal Minimum Wages

    In 2009 The District of Columbia and 19 states have raised there minimum wage higher than the federal Washington is currently has the highest minimum wage.
  • Present day

    There is currently a few debates and Rallies about raising the Minimum Wage to 15 dollars so people can have enough man to actually live without going into poverty.