Milton Hershey

By mmamar
  • Birth

    Milton S. Hershey was born on September 13,1857 in Dauphin Pennsylvania.
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  • First Candy Business

    First Candy Business
    Milton established his first candy company at the age of 18 that failed after 6 years.
  • Lancaster Carmel Company

    Lancaster Carmel Company
    After ariving to Lancaster he started manfacturing carmel, that led him to the Lancaster Carmel Company.
  • HERSHEY Choclate Company

    HERSHEY Choclate Company
    Milton started up the HERSHEY Choclate Company that produced creamy,milkey,delicious,chocolate.
  • Marriage

    Milton Hershey got married on May 25,1898 in New York City to Catherine.
  • Hersheypark

    Hersheypark opend in 1907. It was made to make workers feel happy and feel at home. Hersheypark includes a zoo,park,and bowling alley.
  • Kisses and Almonds

    Kisses and Almonds
    In 1907 Milton came out with chocolate Kisses and the Almond Joy bar.The Kisses are called that because of the wierd noise the mashine makes. How wierd !!!
  • High Point Mansion

    High Point Mansion
    High Point Mansion was choosen by Catherine and Milton. It was a house that overlooked the factory with 22 rooms ,but the joy didnt last long because Catherine died on March of 1915.
  • Tragedy

    Milton's wife Catherine passes on and Milton is very sad.
  • Hershey country Club

    Hershey country Club
    After the death of Catherine he sold the Mansion to the Hershey Country Club,but stayed in a room upstaires were he lived till his death.
  • Death

    Milton died on November 27,1945.