Millionaire's Club Term 2

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    Term 2

  • The Travelling Restaurant.

    The Travelling Restaurant.
    Jasper Ludlow is trying to escape from the Provisional Monarch, Lady Gall. Then he gets left behind by his parents and travels on the travelling restaurant. He has a Mother, Father, Uncle, Sister and maid. On the travelling restuarant he sees a man on a little island and jumped out to save him. For Lunch he tricks Pirates into having lunch instead of murdering and robbing them all. Then he rescues a orphan who is gaurded by the best surcurity(500 guards). Then his sister is the Queen.
  • Travelling Resturaut

    Travelling Resturaut
    Lady Gall Marries Trump to make her a true queen and then has to jump in the magic pond. Jasper suddenly jumps up and says Sibella is the true queen and Lady gall and jasper ran to the lake but jasper just got there when lady gall jumped in she walked out and she exploded and crowns apperaded on sibella and Jasper head and they lived happily ever after.
  • Yeti

    Heidi finds a stray Newfounland in the park she goes to hug him and then she finds that she can feel his bones. His Mother and Father hate dogs and so Heidi sneaks him in her house and her family loves expensive stuff and as soon as the dog gets in the house three vases are knocked over, from there it is as noisy as a battle feild.
  • Black Beauty

    Black Beauty moves twice and is finding it hard to settle in. Her new owner makes it even harder to settle because he is using the whip to much, he is pulling on the reins to hard and he is making her wear blinkers. The only thing Black Beauty likes about that place is the Miniture Pony in the next stable, Ginger. They talk to each other and make each other feel at home.
  • Ourv Feathered Friends.

    Ourv Feathered Friends.
    Our Feathered Friends is a report on how to keep your bird heathly and what to feed it, how to clean the cage and how to make it happy.
  • Muttketter

    Muttketter is about a dog who goes on adventures and he always acts like a mustketter. On these crazy adventures he is always fighting to save france and all of his friends. A edge of your seat book. It will knock your socks off.
  • Dragonology

    This book is all about how dragons lived and what they did and how they protected their lives and their jewels. It also showed what jewels they had and what they looked like. There was a another bit about what their eggs looked like and what time was their breeding time.