Millionaires Club

  • Period: to

    Term 2


    He sleeped in to long and his mum thought he was sick. he through his crust to razer and went and saw mc grady and apologise and ask If she needed help. He forced himself to go in. wonderd if what she would do to him.
  • Bootsie Goes On Tour

    Bootsie is a rugby that has to keep moving. He goes to different regions. He met Charlie and Charlie talks a lot. At the moment they have just been to the cafateria and he is walking back to his dormatery. He lives there.

    he was determined he would make it in to the soccer team this year. his friend was being mean to him by saying try again next year. he was named after his uncle
  • Beware - chapter 3

    they sneak around the house. They get caught by a man who smiled at them and if he hadn't been smiling, they would have fled
  • Beware!

    Lisa and Jake took grapes from youngs house onthe hill. Every spring they looked at the vines on their way to school. They were walking and then a big van was behind them, it honked and they jumped with fright. The van turned into the youngs house and thats all so far.
  • Beware Chapter 6

    Beaware of the agapanthas. This guy called Granger moved in and then theres this thig called an agapanthas. Jake and Lisa dont no what it is, They have saked everyone what it is but they didnt ask their parents. They think it might be an electronis thing or a dog.

    they found out what was a agapanthus and mr granger had cut all the grapes off
  • Fire On The Farm

    Chapter 4/5. Their Mum had left Shannon in charge and she forgot to shut the gate on the horses paddock. The wind made the fire come because it hadn't rained for a very long time. She said to Toby, "Stay here and ring Mum and Dad and tell them theres a fire,." Toby was scared but Shannon told him he was brave. She went out and saved the horses from the paddock which was possible to do quickly because she left the gate opened. She told her father the truth and he was happy.