Mike tyson 2

Mike Tyson Timeline

  • Born

    Tyson was born in Brooklyn, New york
  • Period: to


  • First arrested

    First arrested
    is arrested in Brooklyn for purse-snatching and sent to Tryon School for Boys.
  • His abilities are discovered

    His abilities are discovered
    Cus D'Amato discovered the mike´s abilities in new york
  • Period: to

    Golden Years

  • Professional Debut

    Professional Debut
    his debut was in Albany, New york defeating to Hector Mercedes in the first round
  • First Fight in T.V.

    First Fight in T.V.
    Tyson fought in Troy, New york with Jesse Ferguson and he knocked in the fifth round
  • world champion

    world champion
    tyson became in the wolrd champion of heavyweights with 20 years defeating in the final Trevor Berbick, he win in the second round
  • Champion of WBA

    Champion of WBA
    Mike defeating James Smith and win the title of WBA
  • Other title

    Other title
    fought with Larry Holmes, he defeating Larry for TKO in four rounds
  • on top of the world

    on top of the world
    Defeating Michael Spinks ex-champion of IFB in 92 seconds in the first round
  • world champion again

    world champion again
    fougth with Frank Bruno And Win Other Title World
  • Defeat With Douglas

    Defeat With Douglas
    Mike was defeated by buster douglas in tokio, Japan in the tenth round
  • The Prission

    The Prission
    Mike was arrested in 1991 for the violation of 18 years old girl, 5 years in prission
  • Period: to

    The 90s

  • Defeat With Holyfield

    Defeat With Holyfield
    Loses to Evander Holyfield when referee Mitch Halpern stops the bout in the 11th round.
  • Ear bite

    Ear bite
    Tyson is disqualified after the third round of his rematch with Holyfield after he bites Holyfield twice, once on each ear
  • Period: to

    the new millennium

  • New Defeat

    New Defeat
    Tyson is knocked out by Lennox Lewis in the eight round in Memphis, Tennnessee.
  • Divorced

    Tyson is divorced from his wife Monica, with whom he has two children
  • possession of narcotics

    possession of narcotics
    was convicted on charges of drug possession and driving under the influence of drugs.