michael jackson´s life

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    michael jackson's story based on true events

    michael jackson was born on 29th august 1958. michael was the seventh of nine children. he had five brothers and three sisters the jacksons lived in a little house in gary indiana
  • the beginning of the King of Pop

    the beginning of the King of Pop
    michael started singing with the jackson 5. he was 4 years old
  • First single

    First single
    Got to Be There is the first studio album with Michael Jackson which debuted in 1971, released by the record company Motown Records, taking just 13 years. Reached a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic, as his next album Ben.
  • thriller

    in december 1981, his album thriller came out and it was an immediate hit.
    the thriller video cost $6000,000. it was a 14 minute scary movie with music and dancing it was so popular that MTV showed it twice every hour.
  • neverland a paradise for children

    neverland a paradise for children
    in july 1988, michael decided to buy his own house. he bought a big californian house, with a lot of land, and it cost around 17 million dollars. michael called his new home Neverland
  • marriage of Michael and Lisa Marie Presley

    marriage of Michael and Lisa Marie Presley
    in may 1994, michael and lisa marie presley, elvis preley´s daughter married in secret in the dominican republic .
    after nine months together, lisa marie left michael.
  • married michael and debby rowe and birth prince

    married michael and debby rowe and birth prince
    on 15th november 1996, michael married nurse debbie rowe. in february 1997. michael´s first baby boy arrived. his name was prince Michael
  • debbie and michael divorce

    debbie and michael divorce
    in april 1998, debbie rowehad a second child with michael. about a year later michael and debbie divorcied
  • michael arrest

    michael arrest
    in 2003 the police arrested michael jackson in 2005 michael was taken to court, but he was free
  • last concert tour

    last concert tour
    in 2009 michael made an important announcement. he prepared a fifty concert tour. tickets sold in just a few hours THIS IS IT !!!!
  • death of michael jackson

    death of michael jackson
    on June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson died at his home in Los Angeles of a heart attack GOODBAY TO TE KING OF POP =(