Michael Jackson !!!

By elemsjc
  • When He Was Born

    He was born August,29,1958.
  • The Jackson 5

    The Jackson 5
    His first debut as one of the singuer of the jackson five, with his brothers.
  • Got To Be There

    Got To Be There
    His first album with the jackson five, with 5.2 millions of sold copies. The album was later remastered and reissued in 2009 as part of the 3-disc compilation Hello World; The MoTown Solo Collection .
  • Thriller

    He released Thriller.
  • Health Problems

    To him was diagnosed vitiligo. This was very complicated to him, because he can't expesed him to the solar light. To dissimulate his illness he applicated make-up in his face.
  • His interview

    His interview
    He was interviewed by Oprah, He talked about his family, His childhood, and His career.
  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson