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Michael Jackson

  • Madonna was born.

    Madonna was born.
    Madonna Louise Voronica Ciccone was born in Michigan MI. She debuted in 1982 and She visited to hold live concert :Who's That Girl Tour in Japan in 1987, at the same time Michael Jackson held concert tour in Japan. She is famouse singer, actoress, writer and movie producer now.
  • Michael Jackson was born.

    Michael Jackson was born.
    MJ's history
    Michael Joseph Jackson in Gary Indiana IN United states of America. He had 6 siblings, who are Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya and Marlon.
  • He formed a band with his brothers.

    He formed a band with his brothers.
    He formed a Ripples & Waves Plus Michael with his brothers (Marlon, Jackie, Tito and Jermaine). He sung lead vocal on most of the songs. He was 5 years old. When they sung songs at night club, they got only $8.
  • The Drifters debuted.

    The Drifters debuted.
    The Drifters
    The Drifters(Chosuke Ikariya, Buu Takagi, Chuu Arai, Kouzi Nakamoto, Ken Shimura, Cha Kato) debuted in June1968 as a band. before they debuted they acted as a curtain raiser of The Beatles. In the 1970s they started to become comedian group.
  • Jackson 5 debuted.

    Jackson 5 debuted.
    Motown Records
    They entered into Motown officially, and next year they released first single "I want you back" and they got number-one. His beautiful voice attracts many fans.
  • He went solo.

    He went solo.
    He released the first solo single "Got To Be There" He appeared on a comedy show. There were some troubles in Jackson 5 and He was tormented by a period of growth.
  • His single and album shot to number-one hits.

    His single and album shot to number-one hits.
    Dont Stop 'Til You Get Enough
    He released "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" which was the first song written by him. And his four songs into hit charts, especially "Off The Wall" was rank high in the public esteem.
  • He nabbed his first Grammy Award.

    He nabbed his first Grammy Award.
    Jacksons, their album "Triumph" nabbed Grammy Award for R&B male vocal performance and Michael's song "Don't Stop 'Til You Enough" nabbed same award. This was the first time for him to get a Grammy Award.
  • John Lennon died.

    John Lennon died.
    This is a picture which is he was killed in front of his apartment in New York. When he was killed, he was 40 years old. During he was in a hospital, song which was The Beatles was hearing.
  • We are the world

    We are the world
    Micahel Jackson and Lionel Richie made "We Are The World". It planed for Africa to help. Many other famous artists also sang it. This was sold seven million.
  • He married again.

    He married again.
    He and Debbie Rowe married on May 1994 to January 1996. It was just a2 years. From the internet, she wanted to make a Michael's child, but they didin't have real children. So they didn't do very well and dicied to divorce.
  • Ayrton Senna da Silva died.

    Ayrton Senna da Silva died.
    He was a Brazilian and racing driver. He got World champion 3 times so he was famous. Before ha was running, one person broke bone and other person died bacause of crash. So he said I didn't want to run. However, he ran and died because of brain death.
  • He married.

    He married.
    He and Lisa Marie Presley married on May 18, in 1994. Before they married, Lisa Marie went to his concert so they dicide to marry. However, they divorce on January 18, in 1996 because he really wanted a baby but Lisa Marie wasn't able to make.
  • His newborn son.

    His newborn son.
    His new born son
    He brought Prince Michael Jackson Ⅱwith a blanket to his hotel room in Berlin. Under the baby, there were many fans and saw it. After this accident, he said "a terrible mistake".
  • Album "King of Pop"

    Album "King of Pop"
    He made his best album with many hit songs. The title is "King of Pop". These songs are picked up from his fan. 20 countries sells this album.
  • He died.

    He died.
    He died
    He died at age 50 in Los Angels on June 25, 2009 because he took a lot of drugs. All over the world surprised millions of people watched his memorial service. This picture is in Staples Center.