Michael J. Fox

By neithun
  • Birthday Boy

    Michael Andrew Fox was born in Edmonton, Alberta to Bill and Phyllis Fox. Michael had three sisters and a brother. When he was ten years old he moved to Vancouver with his family.
  • Family Ties

    In 1982 he got the role of Alex P. Keaton on the NBC sitcom “Family Ties”. This role was crucial because when he was 18 he moved to Los Angeles, he didn’t get a lot of roles and he was living on Macaroni and Cheese until his agent called saying he got this role.
  • Back to the Future

    On July 3rd, 1985 Back to the Future was released in the USA. Michael J Fox played the role of Marty McFly and this was the first movie of the Back to the Future Trilogy. This film was considered as Michael’s Silver Screen breakthrough. In the film Marty Mcfly travels back in time and accidently prevents his parents from meeting and puts his existence in risk. Also in this year he gets nominated for first Emmy Award for “Family Ties.”
  • Marriage

    Michael J Fox married his co-star Tracy Pollen from the sitcom Family Ties. He has four children with Tracy Pollen (3 girls and a boy). They tried to keep the wedding date and place a secret but both were found out, however the only successful pictures taken by the paparazzi were of him stepping out of a car and an aerial view of the tent in were there wedding took place.
  • The Ties are Done

    May 14, 1989 was the last episode of NBC sitcom “Family Ties” after 7 years of production. Michael J. Fox’s first child was born also in this year. Samuel Michael Fox was born on May 30, 1989.
  • Parkinson's

    In 1991 Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. During the filming of Doc Hollywood he noticed that he had uncontrollable shake in his left pinkie. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, 6 months later in New York. He hid this secret from the public until in 1998 when he told the public that he had Parkinson’s disease.
  • Semi-Retirement

    In 2000 he announces he will leave “Spin City” at the end of the 1999-2000 television seasons, wins Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, and receives Canada Walk of Fame Honour.
  • The Foundation

    In 2001 Michael J. Fox created the Michael J. Fox Foundation. This foundation supports to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. The foundation still runs today and is successful in raising money to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease.
  • Hollywood

    December 16th, 2002 Michael J. Fox receives the 2209th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on. His star is placed in front of the Hollywood Galaxy Theatre Complex.
  • Order of Canada

    May 27, 2011 received the Order of Canada from Governor General David Johnston at the Rideau Hall Ceremony. He was there with 43 other Canadians and was honoured for his efforts funding to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease, as well as his television and film work.