Michael Frayn

  • Michael Frayn Birthday

    Michael Frayn Birthday
    Micheal Frayn was born September 8, 1933, in Mill Hill, London, United Kingdom. Michaels's parents were Thomas Allen Frayn, who was a sales representative, and Violet Alice Lawson Frayn, who was a shop assistant. https://www.encyclopedia.com/arts/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/frayn-michael
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    Cold War

    Michael Frayn lived through the Cold War and it impact his writing.
  • Michael Frayn: National Service.

    Michael Frayn: National Service.
    Michael Frayn enlists in the National Service. He was 19.
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    Michael Frayn: National Servicemen

    Micheal Frayn left school in 1952 and enlisted in the Royal Army. Frayn was sent to a Russian-Interpreter course in Cambridge and studied in Moscow for several weeks. He called the Cold War ridiculous. Frayn became an officer for the Intelligence Corps, which inspired his second novel The Russian Interpreter (1966). He was discharged in 1954.
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    Emmanuel College, Cambridge

    Michael Fryan studied Philosophy at Emmanuel College in Cambridge.
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    Michael Frayn working for The Guardian

    Right out of graduation Frayn got his first job as a reporter in the daily newspaper The Guardian in which he worked from 1957 to 1959. https://www.encyclopedia.com/arts/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/frayn-michael
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    Michael Frayn the columnist

    Frayn got promoted from reporter to a columnist (aka Journalist) where he would write a humorous commentary. They became so well known that they were adapted into two books, The Day of the Dog (1962) and The Book of Fub (1963). https://www.encyclopedia.com/arts/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/frayn-michael
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    Michael Frayn first marriage

    Michael Frayn was married to Gillian Palmer for 29 years
  • The Tin Men (Novel)

    The Tin Men (Novel)
    Michael Frayn's first novel, The Tin Men, is about a group of people working in The William Morris Institute of Automation Research working to make our lives easier. But an announcement of the Queens turns the Intisute into preparation of the computer to greet the Queen upon her arrival. https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/511252.The_Tin_Men
  • The Russian Interpreter (Novel)

    The Russian Interpreter (Novel)
    Michael Frayn's second novel, The Russian Interpreter, is about a man named Paul Manning who is an Englishman working on his thesis in Soviet-era Moscow. He takes on a part-time job as an interpreter and meets an unpredictable blonde Raya. The Russian Interpreter:
  • Michael first award

    Michael first award
    The year following the release of The Tin Men, Micheal Fryan won the award Somerset Maugham Award.
  • Hawthornden Prize

  • A Very Private Life (Novel)

    A Very Private Life (Novel)
    Published in 1968, Michael Frayns' "A Very Private Life" story tells of a little girl named Uncumber who lives in a world where people are divided between 'Insiders' and 'Outsiders'. Insiders live a luxurious life, while outsiders are left to rot. But Uncumber becomes too curious and ventures out into a world she was hidden from and meets an Outsider. A Very Private Life:
  • Michael Fryans First Play

    Michael Fryans First Play
    Micheal Frayn started to write for the theater when recommended by a producer named Michael Cordon. Frayn's first play was titled THE TWO OF US. It was first shown at the Garrick Theatre in London on the 30th of July, 1970. It was not a success.
  • Alphabetical Order ( Play)

    Alphabetical Order ( Play)
    Michael Frayns first play, Alphabetical Order, is about an office in a library that is utter chaos. Then a new assistant arrives, Leslie, who helps with transforming the office to be more modern and organized. https://www.concordtheatricals.com/p/3032/alphabetical-order

    Michael Frayn's most known play is NOISES OFF which was published in 1982. This is the play that set his reputation as a playwright.
  • A Landing on the Sun (Novel)

    A Landing on the Sun (Novel)
    Brian Jessel is a young member of the Cabinet Office. He was told to write an internal report about Summerchild. While searching the archives of the Cabinet Office Registry, the Americans put a man on the moon, the Britsh were involved in something more powerful and dangerous. A Landing on the Sun:
  • Michael Frayn's second marriage

    Michael Frayn's second marriage
    Michael Frayn meet and married Claire Tomalin who is a journalist. They are currently still married.
  • Headlong (Novel)

    Headlong (Novel)
    Martin Clay is a philosopher whose marriage is falling apart. A local landowner hires Martin and his wife to clean three dusty paintings blocking the draught of the chimney. during the cleaning Martin believe that one of the paintings is a lost work by Bruegl. Headlong:
  • Spies (Novel)

    Spies (Novel)
    The Close doesn't seem to be who they claim to be and with little evidence about the war in Kaith and Stephens town, they set out to uncover secret passages and underground labs. Spies:
  • Whitbread Novel Award

    Whitbread Novel Award
    Michael Frayn's, SPIES, wins the Whitbread Novel Award in 2002.
  • Skios (Novel)

    Skios (Novel)
    Dr. Norman Wilfred is set to give an annual keynote address to a newly formed foundation on a private Greek island named Skios. But he ends up with Georgie, who had other plans than to spend it with Dr. Norman Wilfred. Skios: