Medical Technology

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  • Anti-smoking Laws

    Anti-smoking Laws
    Anti-smoking Laws help prevent smoking in workplaces and other public spaces. Minnesota in 1975 was the first state to restrict smoking in most public spaces. After that, it was a chain of events that inspired other states to do so. Currently, there are many restrictions on smoking in public places. These laws and restrictions help prevent lung cancer, and improve are quality.
  • Hepatitis C cure

    Hepatitis C cure
    While the hepatitis C cure has been around for a while it isn't nearly as good as the one made in 2013. The hepatitis C cure made in 2013 improved the chances of getting rid of the disease by 95%. Created by Michael Sofia this cured most people within 3 months. Hepatitis is no longer a life ending disease.
  • Robotic Surgery

    Robotic Surgery
    Robotic surgery was made to assist doctors during surgeries. This cause the ability to have more precision, flexibility, and control. Developed by Imperial College London in 1988 to assist doctors was approved by the FDA in 1990. With this new technology, it allows doctors to perform better surgeries that are minimally invasive.
  • HIV/AIDS Cocktail

    HIV/AIDS Cocktail
    AIDS/HIV was an incurable disease that was basically a death sentence. But in 1995, David Ho from Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center created a "cocktail" of antibiotics that wouldn't cure the disease, but make it manageable. With this cure death by AIDS/HIV drastically reduced.
  • Public AEDs

    Public AEDs
    Electrical Engineer William Kouwenhoven made an AEDs in1930, but it wasn't the safest or most effective. Improving over the years AEDs became safe. In 2002, Federal Cardiac Arrest Survival Act was signed by the President to make AEDs public. Now AEDs are easy to use and safe even with little training. Public AEDs have increased survival rates by 30%.
  • Molecular Breast Imaging

    Molecular Breast Imaging
    Created by Michael K. O'Connor molecular breast imaging is a method for detecting breast cancer. MBI increased the detection of invasive cancer, as opposed to a normal mammogram. This invention helps cancer be known right away. Giving the ability to treat it faster and more effectively.
  • EyeWriter

    Tracks the eye movement of someone with limited mobility, making it possible to write or draw words and or shapes. This idea was created by Mick and Caskey Ebeling. This device helps those with limited motor skills giving them the chance to communicate.
  • Gene Editing

    Gene Editing
    This idea started with Jennifer Doudna an American scientist. Gene editing changing an organism's DNA. Which causes the ability to added, removed, or changed. A lot of the research on gene editing is used to prevent or cure diseases. With gene editing single-gene disorders such as cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, and sickle cell disease could be cured.
  • Artificial pancreas

    Artificial pancreas
    In 2013, Dana Lewis created the artificial pancreas. This new technology allows those with type 1 diabetes to live normally. Over the hours of the day, it adjusts insulin levels to what your body needs without thinking about it. This changes many lives by not having to worry about insulin and blood sugar levels.
  • Immunotherapy

    Developed around 2016 immunotherapy is a cancer treatment that boosts the body's natural defenses to fight cancer. There are several types of immunotherapy based on the best treatment plan. Immunotherapy marks down cancer cells so it is easier for the immune system to find and destroy them. While this isn't as widely used as chemotherapy, it still is an effective method for treating cancer, and will only get better with time.