Medical Inventions During the 1920's

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  • Term "Vitamin" Coined

    Term "Vitamin" Coined
    The term Vitamin is define from it's previous form. The word originated from "Vita" (Life in Latin) and Amine, a chemical reactive group. In 1920, the last "e" is dropped, as it is proven that vitamines are not part of the Amine group. Tis change is made to prevent confusion, and is the modern sense of the word.
  • August Krogh Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    August Krogh Wins Nobel Peace Prize
    August Krough wins a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work describing the functions of capillaries. Capillaries are the smallest blood vessle.
  • Anemia Cure

    George Whipple, a scientist from the University of Rochester, cures anemia in dogs. He does this by feeding them raw liver. In 1934 he recieves a Nobel Peace Prize for his work.
  • Epilepsy Treatment

    Phenobarbital is a substance discovred in 1911. In 1920, it is first used to cases od epilepsy.
  • Antibacterial Substance

    Alexander Flemming discoveres an antibacterial substance. This subtance is called lysozyme. He finds it in mucus, tears, and saliva.
  • Band-Aid Invented

    Band-Aid Invented
    Earle Dickson, inventor of the band-aid and co-president of Johnson & Johnson was inspired by his wife. She was constantly cutting her hands in the kitchen, and after the oriinal method (Wrapping tape around a piece of gauze) failed, he designed the and-aid. A freind of his noticed the idea and began selling them through the company known as Johnson & Johnson.
  • Vitamin E "Discovered"

    Vitamin E "Discovered"
    Herbert McLean Evans and katherine Scott Bishop discover Vitamin E and it's properties during lab tests with rats. Vitamin E is a very important compund for human reproduction and health.
  • Insulin "Discovered"

    Insulin "Discovered"
    Frederick G. Banting and John Macleod are awarded for their finalization of insulin and it's practicality. This is a very imortant part of today's society as obesity-caused diabetes (Type 2) is very prevalent. Along with genetically-caused (Type 1) diabetes, insulin is essential to the well being of many people.
  • Valvulotome Used

    Valvulotome Used
    the Valvulotome, patented as a "valve cutting device" is first used, It is a surgery tool. It is first used on a 11 year old girl, with a heart conition.
  • First "Digital" Surgery

    Dr. Henry Soutter performes the first "digital" surgery. By our standards today, we would consider it digital. At the time, his use of the camera to better see what he was doing was an excellent idea.
  • Harvey Cushing

    Harvey Cushing, a brain surgeon, revolutionizes brain surgeries. Using techniques such as x-rayig tumors, electrical stimuli, and various nuerological systems, he increased patient survival rates.
  • Penicllin "Rediscovered"

    Penicllin "Rediscovered"
    Alexander Flemming "rediscovered" Penicillin in 1928 when he noticed blue-green mould on a Staphylococcus culture. He isolated and identified it as Penicillium notatum. It wasn't until the late 1930's that it's full use in the medical field was recognized.
  • Karl Landsteiner Wins Nobel Peace

    Karl Landsteiner Wins Nobel Peace
    Landsteiner's work distuingishing human blood types is recognized in this award. He labeled each type A, B, and C. We know C as O in today's terminology.